A-League Men - Round 24 Discussion - 2022-23

Friday 7:45pm - Jets vs Macarthur
Saturday 5:00pm - CCM vs City
Saturday 7:45pm - WSW vs Australia’s Shame
Sunday 1:00pm - Nux vs Brisbane
Sunday 5:00pm - Adelaide vs Western

All home wins for me.

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Goal of the season

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Thought Branners was pretty bad the whole game but that was a classic. A great game actually, or the last 15 minutes were anyway.

A draw may have been a better result for us but doesn’t matter that much, if we do finish outside the 6 I’d prefer either Perth or Jets to make it.

Holy shit what a strike that was. That lovely strike where the ball isn’t even spinning.


Go Brannerz.

Yeah that was goal of the season contender right there.

Newcastle should have wrapped that up a lot earlier. Sotirio missed a couple of real sitters.

Geez Kurto got absolutely mugged off. Bad positioning, he’s cheated and shifted towards the near post anticipating the ball going wide, then looks to have been unsighted as Branners actually strikes it. He’s not set and taken completely off guard by it fizzing to the far post.

Great crowd in Gosford, has to be over 10k.

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Huge crowd, looks great. Got to be their best crowd in years.

The Mariners should be wearing yellow. At home I’m front of a big crowd. Come on

I think it’s a breast cancer support jersey…

I thought we decided you can’t support everything so you should support nothing at all?


Ah ok that makes sense then

Only picked up on it because it looked like Montgomery was wearing a pink ribbon, also think it’s why there’s a decent turnout - could’ve been some promotions etc. I’ve noticed that while it’s a great crowd it’s very quiet…

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Free extra tickets for members and some other discounts

Who was offside for that late chance? They didn’t show it in stadium.

Ew, no.
This is unfortunate timing.
Wanderers-Victory is my least favourite fixture and I have to be within their f**king orbit because I committed to this. BOOOOOO!

Whats with the city time wasting? From very early in the game with glover.

City physio picked up a card for touching Alireza Faghani.

Its like the time Paul Keating handled the Queen.

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Odd tactic, given a win will guarantee them the Plate with two to go regardless of Adelaide’s result, but a draw won’t.

Yes, except one is a decrepit old fart and the other’s the Queen.

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