A-League Men - Round 8 Discussion - 2022/23 - The Armchair Round


This week we should be picking crowd sizes, not scores.


Best place to stream this round not on paramount+/bold?

Asking for a friend.



Supposedly it’s available on youtube in certain countries. So if you have a VPN you can run that and watch them on official streams on youtube. In HD funnily enough.


It feels so weird to think that fixtures will still be going on given… waves arms

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Do we turn off the game in the 20th minute even if we are using a german stream?

Simon Hill not shying away from talking about the big issue here. Good on him.

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Congratulations to Newcastle for getting the entire town in on the boycott. I’ve never seen so many people not at an event.


It is the elephant in the room… until it walks outside at the 20 minute mark.

What did he say?

Talking about what the fans are going to do and why.

Wonder if the cameras will show the walkout, or pan away? Find out in 1 minute

There they go

Well, that answers the question about whether 10/paramount are going to get involved

I think it’s good that they actually focused on the walk out. Good on them.

Wow shown with its own picture in picture. Interesting.

I thought the APL produced this and sold it on? If so, that’s fascinating that they would show it.

No, they don’t produce and on-sell. It’s produced by ch10.

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I don’t think they would have provided any instruction either way. The commentators where talking about it so the production crew focused on it.

Simon Hill and some of the other commentators/presenters were talking about it at length on Round Ball rules, and they were saying that they could understand that fans would be upset etc. I’m not surprised they are talking about it a bit tonight.