A-League Men - Round 9 Discussion - 2022-23

Okay technically the first game this week is a catch up but let’s roll it all together.

Wednesday 21st - 7pm - CCM vs Jets
Friday 23rd - 7:45pm - Brisbane vs WSW
Friday 23rd - 10:30pm - Perth vs Nux
Monday 26th - 6pm - Western vs Australia’s Shame
Tuesday 27th - 5pm - City vs CCM
Tuesday 27th - 7:45pm - Adelaide vs Jets


Endorsed. :+1:


Western Australia’s Shame V Australia’s Shame will surely be behind closed doors. Wouldn’t be surprised if the City v CCM game is behind closed doors as well.

Chances are there will be more Police than supporters in Active bays this weekend. And that’s with protest action still going ahead.

Which makes sense. It’s a WU home game.

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BREAKING NEWS: game is officially on come Monday 6.00pm (Boxing Day) just been reported on 10 News First Melbourne 5.00pm bulletin with added police resources at the game & with a crowd for Western United v Melbourne Victory at AAMI Park because of Football Australia will not rush to release the sanctions anytime soon.

There was a game tonight? Who fucken knew

Was pretty entertaining!

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Why would these be behind close doors ? Ridiculous.


Just watched the replay from last night’s game. Great strike from Túlio on an audacious effort. It’s also great to see Silvera coming into his own a bit in this team. I thought he’d end up one of those really loudly heralded young players who never quite made it as a professional (think Devante Clut).

Duncan meanwhile doesn’t look up to this level.

Also good to see a healthy 7700 crowd for a mid week game after the week we’ve had as a league.


Maybe not closed doors, but all Victory supporters should be banned from the home end at the very minimum. The fact that they haven’t handed down any initial punishments is an absolute joke. There’s nothing to actually investigate, they did it, they ran onto the field and they attacked a player. An initial reaction of banning anyone that could have been involved already send a preliminary message that this isn’t being taken lightly.

They certainly should, given it’s an away game.


Yeah. Points deduction seems more likely than a massive financial penalty.

I think the cries of the league being dead were a bit premature for sure, last night’s game was awesome and even the CCM active bay was pretty big by their standards.

I hope to see more of the same in the coming weeks, as this becomes clearer and clearer to everyone that this is a Victory problem and not a league wide issue with supporters. The turnout itself on a Wednesday night showed that the general public aren’t really that spooked by the events last week (well the non-Victory public anyway, who knows what’ll happen to their crowds).


Speaking as someone who booked flights and a hotel room months ago for the Australia Day match, I hope it is just the home end that is shut down. Also, I think those with MVFC active membership should have to apply in person with 100 points of ID before they are allowed to sit in another part of the stadium.

I’m wondering if one of the reasons that the APL have not fully announced sanctions yet is whether they’re trying to fool-proof the possibility that locking out the home end might mean the same poisonous elements just sit somewhere else in the stadium?

fair call, but if they have some of the main instigators, just force them to report to a Police station during the game. It’s never going to be a perfect scenario but at least it shows some sort of action


Is this even legal?

It’s being done in Europe consistently and no different to some parol conditions. If it’s linked to criminal behaviour then it would probably have to be handed down by the police

Any idea why this game is broadcast on YT in Australia?

Hopefully someone just pressed the wrong button and it’s not a sign that the broadcast deal is fucked.

So that paramount can say that they have provided live pause and rewind?