A-league Round 21 Discussion

A split round this week, for ACL reasons I imagine.

This week’s games are:
Saturday 7:50 - East Melbourne vs Newie
Sunday 5:00 - City vs Perth


I tipped a draw in this but won’t be surprised if Newcastle take all 3 points seeing that Toivinen isn’t even on the bench.

Yeah Toivonen is a big out and no Kamsoba off the bench could also be a problem for them.

Why are the playing in Geelong?

A team for all Victoria.

You’ve forgotten which state they come from. Its not required to make sense. They even went so far as to suggest they’ll play at least one game there next season :joy::joy:


They signed a deal with the Geelong council or the stadium or something to play a certain number of games there. A couple of years back they had a 13-home-game season but were locked into 13 games at Rectangular and Docklands, so they had to buy a home game from Mariners to play in Geelong.

YES! Koutroumbis! 1-0 to the Jets!

I believe it’s a testimonial for Jim Lawrence. :wink:


I’m watching muted - what just happened there? Why wasn’t that given?

Whoever crossed it was narrowly offside. Correct decision.

Five minutes for them to hold on, come on Jets

Get fucked. 5 mins injury time for the home team. Where are we fucking Old Trafford or something

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Victory player sent off for the second week in succession, it must be a conspiracy

Congratulations Melbourne Victory for being the first club to 50 red cards in the A-League.


Dimi left his shooting boots at home

Lol! Victory the first team to 50 red cards. Not surprising eh Muscat?



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