A-League Round 22 Discussion


Wow, even just following on here and twitter it sounds insane enough.
A-League delivers


I fucking love this shitty little league we have here.


Can’t get that in the EPL.


My nerves are absolutely shot.




Somebody has to be writing this stuff…

Someone going to own up to the monkeys in the basement???

C’mon, you’ll feel better if you confess.

And, the monkeys will receive the recognition they so richly deserve.


that game felt like it was written by Hunter S Thompson


Edited by Faulkner


Aleague is the best league in the world.


Yeah he’s been absolutely terrible all year, I figured that error and the pressure resulting was just the icing on the cake. Saving two penno’s was the absolute least he could do to redeem himself, but frankly that was nailed on after I bagged him as I’ve turned Danny Hoole into Messi before too. :rofl:

Absolutely stoked for Staj and chuffed for Coasties everywhere. As stated, peak A-League stuff at the end there, insanity.



• a player of both teams offends the Laws of the Game, the kick is retaken unless a player commits a more serious offence (e.g. illegal feinting)

Seems like the right decision by the refs but what is “a more serious offence” (other than the provided example)


Trying to kill your own supporters every week?


Attacking player goes studs up on the keeper to put into the net on the rebound while the defender is just encroaching?


“a more serious offence”

Nigel Boogaard ‘dialogue’ with ref?


I would like to encourage more suggestions like the above


Playing for Melbourne Victory or Western Sydney Wanderers


Shines a spotlight on literally every penalty scored this season, which were no doubt allowed in spite of players encroaching and VAR being in use.


Valid point, but that’s probably the first time an encroaching player has buried the rebound. I’ve no problem if that’s the benchmark for VAR review.


You simply MUST watch the entire second half if you ever get the opportunity.


I listened to it on ABC radio, but hopefully get time for this at some point.


O’Donovan kicking the goal keeper in the head (again)?