A-League Round 22 Discussion


I was expecting a 2-1 loss. ‘Stajic gave them the fire and positiveness but they just werent good enough’ story.

Holy shit


Putting the club rivalry aside for just a minute. That was a lovely tribute from Barbarouses after he scored.


And something else that shouldn’t go unsaid. I know we give the refs a lot of flak but I thought Adam Kersey handled the derby, especially that crazy finish, superbly. Most other referees would’ve got one, more than one, or all of those calls wrong but he got everything right. Kudos.


Came to say the same thing. Classy thing to do.


How do you get beaten at your near post like that?


Of course, the pleb had the game of his life against us and has performed to his (presumably) regular level ever since. I fear this could be a cricket score.


Damn I was so looking forward to saying ‘the only thing better than the Kosta finish was the anguish on the faces of Melbourne Victory as the goal was disallowed’ :slight_smile:


Clear sign that a game has drifted into a boring non-event

Commentator desperately tries to spark interest by asking pundit the dumbest question in history ‘Were there any players who were not aware of the score during the game’


Much better second half from Brisbane.

Only Kosta could manage to have a MOM performance in a game where he also rounded the keeper twice without even getting a shot off.


So Thomas was dropped due to form apparently. I know they been having a poor run, but dropping him while shitcunts like Troisi keep their spot seems foolish to me. May it bring them down.


Dammit Kosta I am supposed to hate you, stop ruining it. Classy move.




sweet free kick


what a hit!


WOW I had no idea that Vedran was busking as a human statue.




Deary me


This could get nasty. And by nasty i mean hilarious.


Beautiful stuff from the Nux


I don’t care if the Olyroos have a few call-ups. Playing Elrich at CB and Kamau at RB … give Babbel a 10-year extension, please!