A-League Round 22 Discussion


The Snakes guna have a bad back bending over so much PICKING IT OUT!


Lucky he’s got no spine then!! :wink:


Justice there. Wasn’t a penalty


Awwwwwwww what a shame


LOL. That was a shocker of a penalty. I don’t think the decision should’ve been overturned to a penalty as I didn’t feel there was enough evidence Kamau had been fouled in the area, so not enough evidence to overturn the original decision. He was on the line, wasn’t he?


Absurd decision, but worth it for that miss.


Who is refereeing this game? I think he must’ve forgotten it can’t be a red card if Durante is trying to play the ball in that situation. Doesn’t even need to check VAR for that.


I’ll tell you what is more absurd. Riera starting over Yeboah.


Another dreadful decision. Two shockers from VAR in one game.

Also, how does VAR get involved for a second yellow? Isn’t that specifically excluded from what they’re allowed to look at?


Llorente has obviously just earned his wages for the week. Its certainly not for his football ability.


AFAIK it’s still a red if it’s outside the box. If a penalty is given then it’s just a yellow.




It’s not just about being in the box. When it’s in the box if the defender makes a genuine attempt at playing the ball it is just a yellow card.

I sent a guy off last season when the ball was headed towards the keeper and he hip checked an attacked to stop him getting there, in the box. Red card, he was super surprised, he and the keeper said but it’s in the box so it’s only a yellow now.
Sorry fellas.


Yeah I’d forgotten in the moment that the rule I thought of only applies in the penalty box.