A-League Round 9 Discussion

Round 9, featuring Victorians kicking each other.

Saturday 5:35 - Wellington vs Roar
Saturday 7:50 - City vs Victory
Sunday 5:00 - CCM vs Newcastle
Wednesday 7:50 - Adelaide vs Wests


Sweet, forgot about the Tardby. Hopefully City don’t shit the bed like usual.

Brisbane are trash. Unfortunately for Wellington so is Nathan Burns.

Honda is out for the tards. They are saying its precautionary, but we all know its the beginning of a power struggle between he and muscat

disallowed goal followed by actual goal a minute later

Brisbane are absolutely shocking.

Aloisi has to be the teflon manager

Brisbane were decent for 10 minutes (5 either side of HT), should’ve taken the lead but for another Taggart special. But yeah, hot trash for the other 80 minutes. I know it’s only one of the kids but that last goal summed it up, soft as shite to duck out of the way.

Kurt Ams is also usually terrible, but fair play he was good in that game. All major calls right and excellent advantage played for the Williams goal.

Brattan stole Roy Battys hair

I think top 5 look to be already forming. Wellington, both Melbourne’s, Sydney fc, and Perth.

Harper & Whatshisname can be annoying at the best of times, but the constant chat of antonis not making the squad is ridiculous. hes a fucking midfielder, and we have a bunch in front of him. stop.

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Lol Troisi. Hitting sitters like that straight at the keeper is exactly what national team coaches want.

Awful touch

Things that are entertaining me in this match.
Brattan is a twat and showing why he won’t play for Australia anytime soon.
Troisi is sucking so bad he is making himself into a parody.
Mcging and Wales combined aren’t worthy to tie fornaroli laces.
Both teams being shit.
Jameison showing why he keeps getting dumped by other aleague teams.

Both teams wearing their home colours.

Troisi has been the best on the park according to Bosnich :joy:

This is actually a really shit game.
Both teams are sucking at everything.

Victory are nothing without Honda.

Haha. Delbridge jamieson and Eugene all look at each other and ask who is defending.

So shit.

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Fuck me, I get home to that?