A-League Women Grand Final vs Victory 27/3/22

There is the match day thread but a grand final deserves it’s own thread

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They’re playing Victory, not City…

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Vine starting is great to see

I went to the Socceroos game: lost 2-0

I went to the newy game: lost 2-0

I am going to this game: ???

Should be a solid crowd

Yeah whoops my mistake.

Go home


Surprised Lowe starts on the bench, Hunter must’ve known seeing as she’s apparently hoovered up hundreds of tickets.

Let’s go girls, save the club from folding. :beers:

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Torrential downpour is on its way. Kick off must be imminent.

Covering the game from the press box today. Go girls!


Celebrity spotting of Luke Brattan in the stands

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Yep, scooted up the stairs with ease and happy to report not a cornrow in sight.


That young lady can sing.

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The grandstand does nothing! Rain coming in diagonally.

Looks like a great crowd out there, love to see it.

Rhyno just now too…

Why are the commentators calling it a “big dance”?

That’s what they’ve always called the Grand Final?

Really? I’ve never heard that before.

lol Hunter get stuck in