ACL 2019 - Kawasaki Frontale (Tokyo Away)

Hey guys is anyone else heading to the ACL away game vs Kawasaki Frontale in Tokyo? Great excuse for a trip to Japan (only a 9hr flight from Sydney after all)

Flights and accom booked, but does anyone know how you can get hold of away tickets for ACL games? Very little info online currently so any help would be much appreciated!

Thursday 14th March for anyone who wasn’t sure of the date.

It’s probably a tad early but shoot Shane @ SFC memberships an email. The club are usually pretty good at sorting tickets for travellers to OS games (don’t think I’ve ever actually paid for one in Welly), last year for the Kashima game there was a ticket + bus combo which they put on sale through the membership portal.

I’m pretty sure that was organised by THFCSilver via the old forum not by the club. While SFC may have arranged the match tickets & helped sell the combo he organised the bus as he is/was living there.

Yeah that’s right, Tommy was a legend and helped organise it on the ground but the club sold the packages. I dare say this year will be tickets only for Japan, Kawasaki should be a piece of piss to get to compared to Kashima.

Had pre-booked a trip to Japan in June last year with the aim of coming across two match days and hoping we’d get drawn in Tokyo. Turns out I arrive in Tokyo 3 days after our game and the hotel is 20 mins from Kawasaki’s stadium.


Tommy’s back in Australia now so there won’t be a similar arrangement this year, at least not by him.

Anyone travelling away for this match. Tempted but none of my mates keen to travel to Japan to watch an A-league side lol

Just go. Always a great trip and there’s always at least a few dozen, and sometimes a couple of hundred, Sydney fans at our Japan matches.

Yep flights and hotel booked!

Nothing from the club on tickets to the actual game tho…

Update from the club

You can buy tickets here

For Sydney supporters, Visitor Supporters A (Orange colored area on the seat map)
-Reserved seat
-You can enter the stadium from 5:00pm (2hrs before kickoff) at Gate 12.
-Ticket sales will be started from 10:00am on Sat. March 2nd.
-Ticket price is dynamic pricing, so the price will be changing and it might be different depends on when you buy.

I’m in Tokyo is there any plans for a meet up pre game tomorrow?