ACL MD2 - Sydney FC vs Hoang Anh Gia Lai - 19/04/22

Kicks off this Tuesday at 9pm Sydney time (6pm local). It’s a quick turnaround so we should expect some rotation.

Very important not to follow step 2 in our standard ACL template:

Not much around in terms of previews/team news so its hard to know what to expect. A few days ago from @CountArach on our opponents’ recent form:

And highlights here of their match from Matchday 1. (Hoang Anh Gia Lai 1 - 2 Yokohama Merinos :sheep:)


Fair to say we’d need to beat these guys twice to give ourselves a chance?

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Yes, if only for the fact that you’d expect both of our other group rivals to beat them twice too. We can’t expect to compete if we’re already starting from a deficit.

Normally, goal difference in these games would be quite important too because of the “best 3 second placed teams” criterion. But the withdrawal of Shanghai Port means that games against the 4th placed teams don’t count for that mini table (although they do count within the group). This will lessen the impact of the inflated goal differences in the other groups achieved by beating up on the other Chinese U19 teams, who will all likely finish 4th in their groups.

It’s also interesting that within the group, head-to-head record is the first tie-break ahead of goal difference. So again, assuming that these guys will be 4th and we end up battling it out for 2nd, results against the other two teams will be more important than racking up goals here.

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So what is the most likely rotation then? Ninko in is very likely because he only played 10 mins on Saturday, but who else? Maybe Bobo in for his physical presence against weaker opposition and to give Alf a rest? It might not be popular but I’d assume we’ll see some minutes for Kosta at some point too.

Yes, but we would assume the other two clubs would get maximum points off them too. :neutral_face:

A lot has been made on Twitter etc about how the south East Asian teams all beat Korean teams yesterday, I’m hoping we don’t end up in one of those graphics…

Is Elvis in the house?

No, scratch that he’s on the bench

I’ve checkered on 10 Play and Paramount but can’t see the game listed, do I have to wait until 9 pm for the link to show ??

Should be there at 8:50

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As it has become accustomed with their ‘ability’ this year it will just be on just before. Know when it’s on from other sources and watch it there. (Hoping it’s better for next season/year/future)

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No Grant. Weird because he did the press conference yesterday.

Quad soreness apparently


If Wood’s not first one off the bench I give up.

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Kamsoba on the bench wew.

Is the real job share between Burgess and Retre?

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Have had a scrumptious dinner of Frangos, ready for some underwhelming football as desert.


Is that Random English Guy on the mic, or is it A-League caller Robbie Thomson?