ACL MD3 - Sydney FC vs Shanghai SIPG - 19/11/2020

So I guess we’re really doing this huh?

9pm kick-off our time.


Just hope the boys get back safe and injury free.


9pm? No wonder no one watches football!

every single picture of our team getting ready for this shows them all to be really pissed off.
I expect crap football for no good reason.

This. Not so worried about the results. Just hope all the players and staff who’ve gone get back healthy and well.


Nah we’ll win. I can feel it

How about the photo on the club’s socials of the boys on the plane? If that’s what travelling is going to be like, I’m ok to wait.

This is a real clash of my morals and values. The AFC are corrupt, incompetent, and show complete disdain for common sense and player welfare. This is a tournament solely to make up their contractual obligations. It’s also being played in fucking Qatar.

It’s also our best chance at winning the ACL.

I’m finding it hard to not feel dirty watching and reading content around this campaign.

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Is there anything (besides TV times) to read into the fact that the kickoffs for the Western games in Qatar were all 6pm and 9pm local time, whereas the Eastern matches will be at 1pm and 4pm?

Maybe they’ve finally worked out the stadium air conditioning :thinking:

Would TV timezones have had any impact?

Given we’re only doing this to fulfil TV contracts, yes.

Oh goodie, so the lads have jumped through all these hoops to play in 50 degree heat?

Not quite 50 degrees, more like those stupid afternoon kick off times in Adelaide & Perth.

It’ll be a bit of a preview of conditions for the World Cup. WC group matches will be 1pm/4pm/7pm/10pm through late November & early December.

The game is at 1pm Doha time? Unfuckingbelievable.

28 degrees in Doha forecast for kickoff, no biggie. It’s a dry heat.

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Corica said the stadiums have aircon too.

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Anyone know anything about this?

But Sydney FC coach Steve Corica remains wary, particularly with one of his midfielders in doubt and the other ruled out: Luke Brattan is nursing a hamstring strain, while Anthony Caceres won’t leave Sydney until Wednesday night after the club gave him permission to delay his departure for family reasons.

Brattan and Caceres being out is a big loss. :baguette_bread::peach: on the cards perhaps?