Advice for Getting Tickets for UK Games

Not sure if this is the appropriate place for this kind of question, and mods please move it if it should be elsewhere, but anyway …

Looking to do my first overseas trip later this year, possibly September (failing that, March or April next year may work). I assume there are a number of people here who have gone to games overseas, even in that time of year. Have people gone earlier in the season and found it more difficult than usual to get tickets to places like Old Trafford in September? Since the draw is usually released in June and all, it doesn’t leave a lot of time if I go in September.

Going to Old Trafford is a big bucket list item for me to tick off so don’t want to screw it up. Any advice on how to overcome what sounds like a tricky situation? And is there any things I should be careful of to ensure I can get a ticket? I assume a lot of tourists would be gunning for tickets for every game.

Be prepared to buy a ticket through a second hand ticket seller at a very high price. That’s the only way I was able to get a ticket to see Tottenham. While Old Trafford is obviously bigger, you’re going to be competing with so many other tourists for tickets.

Have a look at companies that do tour packages of the stadiums. Apparently one of the easiest ways as they do a package deal of a tour and game. Either that, or try posting on their internet forums? Might be able to get in with a sympathetic party?

I joined up as a non ticketed Man United member. Can’t remeber the cost but wasn’t super expensive. They send you a pack of stuff - pens, cards, calendar, whatever - and you also get offered first tickets for all games that haven’t sold out to ticketed members. Midweek cup games were the most common for that.

I did what CountArch did (to an EPL game at Old Trafford). Members can have tickets printed if they aren’t planning to attend, and a lot of people sell these on third party websites. I don’t recall how much I paid, but it was pretty steep. Also, it may have changed now, but expect to only receive the tickets within a week of the game. I was pretty nervous about actually getting them, but they did come (I had them mailed to the hotel and advised the hotel before hand).

I had considered doing what Scooter did. I think it was about 50 pounds to sign up as a non-ticketed member, but at the time people were saying in some forums that you’d have to be lucky to have your membership number drawn in the ticket lottery. I didn’t want to leave it up to chance, so I forked out the money the other way.

UCL games are much easier to get via the member ticket lottery though.

Also, absolute worst case scenario - if you can’t get tickets, do a stadium tour instead and then on game day, get the tram down to Old Trafford station and go to the Bishop Blaze to watch the game (go there beforehand even if you make it to the game). You’ll have a ball watching the game and chanting and stuff anyway.

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Never did a ticket lottery. Just got emails from the club when tickets were available to buy for upcoming games for my membership catergory. Open to purchase just like any other ticket. Mostly midweek cup games, including ECL group stage games against lesser opposition, went down like this and the occasional weekend EPL game against lower ranked opponents.

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Look at one of the package tours or match day hospitality tickets if there is no general admission sale date. You’ll pay through the nose, but you’ll get your ticket. If it’s a lifelong dream, then the cost is irrelevant.

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My experience was that I went to Club websites and applied for tickets through there. A lot of clubs have sell back for members who don’t make it to every game, thereby releasing tickets for resale. I managed to get decent seats for each game I was after, though admittedly these weren’t always ‘big ticket’ games or clubs. Never the less some were ‘big’ clubs.

Anyway, it worked out for me, so hopefully you have the same good experiences.

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People freak out about getting tickets but i didn’t really have too many problems anywhere. Hardest ticket was city v Celtic but that’s because Celtic are naughty boys and you needed to have a ticket history to buy one.

Went to the Liverpool Derby at goodison and got a resale pick up from the ground. Paid a bit extra but not bad. Germany was easy. You may think Old Trafford will be tricky but I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble. Worst case there will be tons of people touting around the ground.

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Thanks to everyone on their thoughts. It should help with any preparations I have for going over there. I’ll definitely keep himmelblau’s idea in mind, as well.

I went to Anfield in January to see Liverpool vs Palace. I was flying over entirely for the match, so I didn’t want to take any chance with missing out on tickets. I ended up buying an official LFC hospitality ticket, which was about 240 pounds (Approx $400 AUS) from memory. It was pricey, but definitely worth it. In addition to avoiding the hassle of buying on the day, I was given a brilliant seat in the Anfield Road stand, 3 course meal during the day of the match, match program, entry into the museum and a few other trinkets. I could have gotten significantly cheaper tickets if I went to a midweek league game or cup game.

Whilst over there, I ended up going to see Manchester City vs Burnley in the FA Cup, which was 20 pounds (Approx $35 AUS). I got tickets on the day from their official website. I don’t think the demand for City is the same as it is for Liverpool or Man United, but it provides some context.

Thomas Cook is a decent place to look. They offer hospitality packages similar to the official club ones. However, they often include a single night hotel stay which the club ones typically don’t.

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Had a mate do the same thing with the hospitality tickets at anfield, said it was amazing.
He took his son, they met a few retired players as well, were treated like VIP guests.

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Yeah I got to speak to Terry McDermott and have my photo taken with him. I was literally the last person in the line for the photo opportunity, so you could tell he was totally over it by then! But he was pleasant and his stories were interesting.

Also… I saw a 4 3 classic!