AFC U-23 Asian Cup Qatar 2024 - Group A

Australia v Jordan
Monday, 15 April 2024
Kick-off: 4pm (local) / 11pm AEST
Abdullah Bin Khalifa Stadium, Doha

Indonesia v Australia
Thursday, 18 April 2024
Kick-off: 4pm (local) / 11pm AEST
Abdullah Bin Khalifa Stadium, Doha

Qatar v Australia
Sunday, 21 April 2024
Kick-off: 6:30pm (local) / 1:30am AEST (Monday, 22 April)
Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium, Doha

All Australian games on Paramount+

Ah fuck, here goes me having an early night tonight and Thursday.

I am unsure if I will bother with the Qatar game. Anything less than 4 hours sleep going into Monday never ends well.

urgh, looks like I’ll be watching an arabic stream then.

They might also be on 10Play?

Big might though…

Thanks for the reminder. Would have totally missed it if I didn’t read the forum. Like most football events to be fair


Sadly, streams will be hard to come by as there are no rivers or lakes in Qatar.

However, March - May is Qatars “wet season”, so you might find a trickle or two in a remote wadi.

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I might create my own little trickle if the Sydney lads do well tonight

Hate how true this is.

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Have said it before but imagine how much more visible and engaging the league would be if they just gave the KeepUp money to the Jubal & JayFC dream team. Which reminds me…

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Imagine his live commentating. Phwoar

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Pure audio porn.

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Then what do you call it when JayFC is commentating a game featuring a Zadkovich-managed team?

That would just be the prologue to a strongly worded letter from Ruben’s dad.

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JCP starts alongisde former academy players Talbot, Teague and Hollman.
JGR and Segecic on the bench

We have taken the wrong Holman

How come this is the opening game and not Qatar

Or the right one for Sydney FC’s sake.

This Jordanian bloke taking the throws has a weird action

The pitch looks nice.

Extremely boring first half. Absolute snorefest.

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