AFC's Planned Champions League reform

Basically, more foreign players and switching from Autumn to Spring, to Spring to Autumn at least for us in the Southern Hemisphere, means A-League clubs will be playing mostly during the season, too. Clearly in an effort I suppose to make it easier for the NH clubs that are complaining about long travel during their season.

If the AFC do go ahead with a 4+2 or 5+2 foreign player rule, I wonder if that will change the A-Leagues foreign player quota.

Didn’t see there how they are managing the expansion to 40 clubs. Is that just adding a team to each group so you end up with 8*5?

Are they increasing the lobster cap?

xLQ expected Lobster Quotient


Can we please just send the Nix so we don’t have to go?

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The AFC has already been policing xLQ. I believe their policy is that when When xLQ = 0 a significant fine will be imposed on the offending club.

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Yes. Coincidence, I think not.


This one was actually part of Australia’s plans to gain the Asian vote for the next world cup. If we show an increased lobster supply, it get’s extra votes. Our next marketing campaign will just be our footballers sitting around a table, surrounded by thousands of lobsters

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More foreign players isn’t good for any of the Aus teams.

It is in terms of us not having to exclude visa players from our AFC squads.

Read here history of the competition - reforms have always accompanied this tournament. And the new reforms will only improve it, I think.

Yes. But the issue is more other teams including multiple big budget players that we can’t afford.

Some changes confirmed here:

Looks like we’ll officially move to an A-League aligned ACL and AFC Cup from 2023-24.

[N.B. Presumably this means that the current 2022 edition, which ends with finals in Feb 2023, will be the last in the calendar-year format, so the 2021-22 A-League is probably a good one to have been shit for.]

Also, it’s officially changing to 5+1 which (a) gives more ammunition to APL who want more foreigners in the league, (b) means that nobody but Saudi and UAE is ever winning again.