AFF Under 15 Championships

AFF U-15 Championships
Joeys v Malaysia anybody watching ?
One if the poorest streams , no commentary , took me ages to connect . What a disaster, Joeys down 2 nil at the 65 min mark.

Joeys have it all to do against hosts Thailand next.
2 games to go (Top 2 advance):
Malaysia 9pts
Thailand 9pts
Australia 6pts
*Thailand play Malaysia in the last round

So even if we beat Thailand they can still arrange a draw with Malaysia to knock us out? Sounds promising.

Well no, because if Thailand and Malaysia draw, they’ll only be one 10pts and if we beat Brunei we will be on 12pts.

So its a very important to get a win today.

Ah. Brunei the missing link.

Hopefully the stream works well today, they’ve been very hit and miss.

Not sure about your numbers , we are only on 7 after the draw , the top 2 are on 10 after they both drew ,
We can still miss out unfortunately.
We need to win by heaps And hope for a draw in the other game between the top 2.

Those numbers were prior to the games being played.

Ok , sorry mate

So we missed out by a point !!!
Back to the drawing board to find out what went wrong , maybe the FFA will have a good look at our talent identification and coaching systems etc.
We don’t seem to be keeping up with Asia in the younger comps.
Actually , I think the FFA will do nothing .

Normally I would agree with you but now that the HAL is independent this is all they have.
Surely the National Curriculum has to be reviewed. It is neither producing World Class players or results at any level.

Maybe we should check out what Malaysia and Thailand are doing and how they’ve structured their youth systems??

Hijacking this thread as the AFF Under 18 Championships is on now as well.

Australia started with a 5-1 win over Cambodia and take on Vietnam at 10:30pm tonight.

U18’s win the AFF Championship after beating Malaysia 1-0.

Good to see them bounce back after being beaten by Malaysia in the group stage 3-0.

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