Alexander Baumjohann Thread

Incredible to think he’s the same player as the one at Wanderers last season. Another superb performance against Victory last night shame about the red

It’s amazing that the Wanderers are so fucking shit as an organisation that they let one of the top 5 attacking players in the league be under utilised and then uncontracted.

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In the first part of last season before he was injured,he was great.Anyone could tell he didn’t belong with the inferior players around him.The Spaniard squandered so many chances that mainly came from AbJ.
FC is the right group for him.

ABJ is a gem of a player. Got that stocky build, but quick with the ball, great eye for a pass and a bit of a wind-up merchant. Love him.

They would have been better off getting rid of most of their squad and just building their entire team around him. He would thrive at this level of all the play went through him.


Long may we be continue to be amazed by their incompetence.


He’s got a two match ban from the mrp

Fuck off.

Isn’t there a general acceptance that the MRP would have abided by the conspiracy and made him available for the derby?

I’d imagine (hope) the club is going to appeal this

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What a joke

What’s his record like?

According to this, it’s his first red in HAL:

Not sure if an appeal for a clean record (like I believe we did for Grant) would take into consideration his time just in this league, or also look back at his time in Europe?

Then again, if they’re treating his fend on Broxham as violent conduct (as opposed to reckless play), then maybe clean records don’t mean shit?

God i hope an appeal works out. Imagine him getting the derby half of the suspension cut off and he plays the game and puts in a killer performance. The goo.

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Elbowing Broxham in the head isn’t a foul, it’s a community service.


Nope. Not appealing it. We accepted the 2 game ban.

Touching tribute

Sydney FC will wear black armbands against Brisbane Roar at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium on Friday in support of midfielder Alex Baumjohann and his family. Baumjohann’s mother passed away this week, prompting his sudden departure to Germany - part of the reason the club didn’t appeal his two-match suspension.

He’s not fucking Australian, he’s Scottish, his mum’s Australian.

And he’s goals/games record casts doubts over the ‘striker’ label.

The nickname though.

Anyway, back to BJ. Sad news for him. Happy he gets to go home and take some time.

Definitely Australian then.


Hey Scott McDonald takes offense at that