ALM Discussion - Round 3 - 2022-23

Now that’s the Ross Aloisi look I know and love.

This game has been pretty fun to watch. Wellington are showing the league how to play against Brisbane’s press.

lol at Wellys second goal. Amazing

That was close.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Brisbane level through Mileusnic. Comedy of errors at the back.

This whole “wait for the play before calling offside” thing is getting over the top now. Kraev was about 4 metres offside then and play was allowed to continue before calling it.

Highly entertaining game

Brilliant from Kraev.

Thought he was being ridiculous not bringing his teammates into that but that was a lovely finish.

And another one for Zawada.

Aldred has had an absolute nightmare this game. Zawada has totally owned him.

Zawada completes his hat-trick thanks to more comedy at the back from Brisbane. 5-2.

Bloody hell that finish was a bit sketchy

Top bins. :sweat_smile:

Incredible point blank save from Tommy HB in the David Gallop TV Metric Derby.


Let’s just call this game a draw and move on to the next one please, nobody cares.

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Future expansion sides have to be looking at Macarthur with absolute dread.

This game has nil all written all over it. What a dismal game of football.

I just turned the game on and saw Faghani give a yellow card for a foul. I haven’t even started drinking yet!

What’s the crowd figure for Macarthur vs Western? Genuinely looks like it could be 1k

Faghani is the referee this game well and truly deserves.

I think Aloisi has his answer. Garuccio is not a CB. Macarthur get the 93rd minute winner.