ALM Discussion - Round 3 - 2022-23

Saturday 4 November - 3:30pm - Wellington vs Brisbane
Saturday 4 November - 5:30pm - Macarthur vs Western
Saturday 4 November - 7:45pm - Australia’s Shame vs Adelaide
Saturday 4 November - 9:45pm - Perth vs CCM
Sunday 5 November - 3:00pm - Jets vs WSW

Hell yeah, quadruple header.


What’s one way to ensure a neutral doesn’t watch more than one game in the weekend?

Looks like I need to get all my work done by 3pm on Saturday then…projector in the office might get a work out if I am still there, as will their beer fridge.

Play them all at once?

that’s definitely another way… More having 4 games, one after the other, means it’s less likely a neutral will want to watch multiple games. Would have made way more sense to shift the games so there’s 2 on Friday potentially and two on Sunday. At least that way, you maximise the chances of a neutral watching 3 or more games.

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On paper that’s a cracking prime time fixture on the Saturday, two very in-form sides, nice colour differentiation in kits, proper evil vs not evil match up. It would be nice if they get a good turn out. Also, come the fuck on, Adelaide!

Waits for A-L away kit policy to markedly reduce said differentiation.

As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, Adelaide will bend over for victory on Saturday.


I’ll probably watch all the matches on Saturday, well except Western V Macarthur of course. They don’t count

Wellington 0-1 Brisbane
Macarthur 0-0 Western Utd
Excrement 1-1 Adelaide
Perth 1-2 Central Coast
Newcastle 2-3 Western Suburbs

Didn’t take Brisbane long, did it? Berenguer scores after 35 seconds.

We may have competition for the “most shit team of the round” award

Welly just about nailed on to concede from trying to play out of the back. They’ve nearly done so already. They really need to not fall into the trap we did, and they need to play it long every so often to keep Brisbane guessing.

1-1 now. Wellington back line living dangerously playing ball out so expect more goals.

A-League. Never change.

That was pretty special.

Evidently the Brisbane back line want to get in on the act.

These teams are trying way too hard to get the ball into the goal. Scoring a goal is like so, last season’s thing.

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Has everyone forgotten how to play football this year?

Nearly every team in the league has had some kind of shocker this season.