ALM R25 Discussion

Didnt see a thread yet so here we are.

Newcastle currently 1-0 over Wellington.

However as usual the Paramount+ stream is shitting itself so you never know by the time i post this, the score might have changed.

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Other matches:

WSW v Melb City
Melb Vic v Brisbane
CCM v Adelaide (will be postponed)
Perth v Western United

Wellington playing pretty shit. Ruining my multi.

Trent Boohaggier and being offside…

Rough week for Fantasy with the postponement and a Paulsen OG.

Fuck you Alex Rufer.

I wanted Wellington to win the league, but I’m glad they fucked it with a bullshit attempt at a tricky run up.

The moment I saw him stutter I knew he’d miss it.

Newcastle have been playing decently the last month. Too little to late though.

So at the risk of asking a question i probably know the answer to, and will likely get ripped to shreds for:

Who are we all supporting in the Wanderers v city game? Yes i know supporting WSW is never ok ever, and i risk expulsion for even broaching the subject,

but, …

They finish 6th we finish third and its a home knockout semi final against them.

Just saying.

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Western Suburbs fail to make the finals. That’s the best case scenario every season.


I hate them both but I hate Wanderers more

Edit but to answer your question, I’d prefer to see WSW lose. Firstly it gives me enjoyment and secondly I’m not to fussed where we finish as long as we are in the 6. Our home form is pretty patchy so I don’t mind playing away in the finals


Neither team is good enough to go far in the finals, so funniest outcome wins out here. WSW missing finals and the continued implosion is best.


I’d rather not play City in a knockout game. But I’d also hate to lose to WSW.

I say we forfeit finals to avoid any kind of pain.


Or (hear me out) - this game erupts into an all in brawl and both teams are docked 3 points by the APL; then Brisbane wins to knock them both out of the six.

Is that too much to ask?


Wests making finals (as is) would be great. Rudan stays on to destroy them from the inside, one of them or Shame (3 v 6) sent packing in comedic circumstances immediately.

Don’t mind playing home or away (4/5) vs Macarthur. Plus City could actually turn up if they scrape in, I fancy us against anyone else.

Rudan is statying on regardless. Western Suburbs aren’t paying out a 3 year contract before it even starts.

And LOL at Ninkovic being presented with a guard of honour and a framed jersey. Apparently he won 3 Premierships, 3 Championships, and 1 FFA Cup. I wonder who with though.

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Natel heavily assisted by Marcelo there!

Natel is rather good at scoring goals

Yeah, I watched that and now my eyebrows are orbiting the moon.