ALM - Round 14 Discussion - 2023/24

Thursday, January 25
Melbourne City vs Adelaide United @ 7:45pm AEDT

Saturday, January 27
Western United vs Western Suburbs @ 5:00pm AEDT
Newcastle vs Wellington @ 6:00pm AEDT (WAT!?)
Central Coast vs Brisbane @ 7:45pm AEDT

Sunday, January 28
Macarthur vs Perth @ 5:00pm AEDT

My predictions:
Shitty 2-3 Adelaide
WU 0-2 Western Suburbs
Newcastle 2-2 Wellington
Central Coast 2-1 Brisbane
Macarthur 2-1 Perth

Central Coast

Another City goal not scored by Jamie McLaren

Good of Antonis to remind us in his goal celebration that he is still an infant.

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It’s unbelievable to me that Antonis shoved somebody last round and is even on the pitch today to score.

Meh. I don’t think it was that bad a call. I haven’t seen too many pushes red carded in recent times. A yellow was fair enough. It shouldn’t stop people calling him out, though.

Adelaide looking a lot better now and Irankunda is looking dangerous when he’s dropping a little deeper and running at the defensive line. They just need to finish one or two of these chances.

Ffs how does Irankunda not even shoot there?!

Should have chipped Young

(Edit: I say that like it’s easily done)

He”s an extraordinary talent but Nestory really needs to work on his decision making and anger management skills if he is to reach his full potential

You’d think going to Bayern will be incredible in that respect. Even if he doesn’t make it in Germany, he’ll come back, or go to a lower European league, with so much more understanding of the game.

Adelaide had chances to win that and only have themselves to blame.

Rounding the keeper was a good choice, he just went the wrong way. You shape one way and go the other. Not shape one way to put the keeper on that side and then go towards where he’s going!

Yeah not denying any of that but the fact is he was one on one, had a ton of time due to beating the defenders and still didn’t get the shot away until he was only a metre from Young.

THB > Margush

Wishing it into truth :crossed_fingers:t4:


Rufer is a strange choice to take a penalty, any reason why that might be?

He scored one at the death against Victory last week.

Guess he figures he’s the PK taker now?

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Come on, Nix.
Losing your lead to Trent?

I rate Oskar Zawada, hope Uffie poachers him

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If anyone asks, for the rest of the season I’m a Kiwi, eh bro?