ALM - Round 19 Discussion - 2023/24

Friday 1 March

Macarthur FC Vs Melbourne City
Campbelltown Sports Stadium

Saturday 2 March

Western United FC Vs Perth Glory
Mars Stadium

Newcastle Jets Vs Central Coast Mariners
McDonald Jones Stadium

Sunday 3 March

Wellington Phoenix Vs Adelaide United
Sky Stadium

Brisbane Roar Vs AS
Suncorp Stadium

No doubt after last week, Jamie Young will revert to being a fucking pub keeper this week and ship 5 or 6.

Kick off delayed until 8:25 due to lightning

Sure would be nice to be able to watch it, but P+ keeps crashing every time we select the ALM icon from the menu. Can’t be fucked, given up.

Is this our final year of our first contract with Paramount? I seem to remember something about 3 years

I think its five years but wouldn’t be surprised if both parties are trying to find an agreement to get out of it somehow.

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It was reported as 5 but has since come to light there’s an escape clause after 3 and we’ve failed to hit the metrics required.

Won’t at all be surprised if 10/P+ cut and run and this next round of expansion is tied to driving the rights value for negotiations elsewhere (fuck knows who with though).

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Might be a blessing in disguise if they cut and run. It obviously hasn’t been a good fit for us. Of course assuming we can get another provider

With that result, a win for us this week and the 6 is probably settled?

Yeah was looking at the table earlier and came to a similar conclusion.

The last 2 games have been big for us in that sense, we failed to beat City though and a loss tonight and we’re still in the thick of the finals race.

Phil Moss is currently talking about Trent Buhagiar going to Serie B in the offseason.

A little bit too much vino while working from that scout surely.

This Western game is an excellent remedy for insomnia.

Despite having pretty much all the chances, they’re as threatening as a Quokka.

Aloisi must have read my comment.

Western Utd should be called the Wanderers with all these “home” venues.

maybe they saw a YouTube clip of all the good positions he gets in and thought, “Yeah its cool, we can fix his finishing”

Many have tried my friend, many have tried

Congrats to Trent for being able to secure tickets.


Wow. I thought Italians knew a thing or two about football.

That said, if someone can teach Buhagiar how to finish, show him how to make a proper first touch, show him to link up with other players, pass the ball, cross the ball, bulk him up a little and show more determination, maybe there’s hope for him yet.

Alright, if WUN get to 2 CSs before us, that tears it. :sweat_smile:

Ha, the Balon Core. Apparently that’s what they’ve named that bit of the F3 that CCM & Newcastle play for.

Can’t we just get whoever is in charge of CCM’s marketing to do it for all of the A League?


That’s absolutely amazing. This league better stay alive for at least as long as I do.