ALM - Round 24 Discussion - 2023/24

Australia’s Shame can’t even make toast.


Ah good times…… I remember sitting watching GCU training as a guest of some of the coaching staff (definitely NOT Miron) while he lectures the team on the shape and some of us on the sideline (allegedly) openly mocking it. Was such a happy club :). Good beers though

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How do we get to 27 games this year again?

Home & Away (22 rounds)
“Unite” round (1 round)

What were the other four? Just randomly drawn third fixtures?

Didn’t they also once have a disrupted flight because one of their Brazilians answered “Sim bom” in Portuguese to a question from a flight attendant?

Da Silva giving his best Thwaite impression there.


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What a start to the weekend

Dicking Australia’s Shame at the death.

You love to see it.

Dicking themselves. Awarded as an OG!

I’d prefer CCM to win the league to be honest but I’ll take Victory losing in the last minute every day.



Never mind Tarneit winning the Grand Final, Wellington winning the league is fairy tale stuff.


I’d quite like to see Wellington win a title. Really think a successful pair of teams in NZ would be excellent for the league.


I don’t mind saying, I quite enjoyed that.

EDIT: I don’t normally watch with sound on. How long have they used Chelsea Dagger after the game?


The only reason I’d want CCM to finish first is that if they host the GF and by some miracle we make it it’d be easy to get to. Apart from that I’m pretty neutral to either CCM or Wellington.

You people are insane. I have some kiwi blood, but i can honestly say the only time ive ever wanted them to win anything ever is if they were playing England in something.

I mean regardless of how you see them, you do know who they were playing right?


I think it’s good for the long term viability of the league. I don’t really think of them much different to any other team in the league that’s not us (excluding Victory & Wests).

I think at least part of it is because the Welly fans are really good value and it is impossible to hate them.