ALM - Round 5 Discussion - 2023-24

Friday, 24 November
Macarthur vs Melbourne Victory @ 7:45pm

Saturday, 25 November
Wellington vs Melbourne City @ 2:30pm (AEDT)
Central Coast vs Newcastle @ 5:30pm

Sunday, 26 November
Brisbane vs Perth @ 3:00pm (AEDT)
Western United vs Adelaide @ 5:00pm

My predictions:
Macarthur 1-2 Them
Wellington 3-1 City
Central Coast 2-1 Newcastle
Brisbane 2-1 Perth
Western Utd 1-3 Adelaide


edit Just saw that Zawada is out for Wellington so changing that pick to City.

Geez might watch a movie tonight, so i can avoid that shit

My predictions:
Macarthur 1-6 shame
Wellington 0-2 City
Central Coast 3-2 Newcastle
Brisbane 2-0 Perth
Western Utd 1-2 Adelaide

Yup, I’m off to see Napoleon.

As for the games, would I be crazy to think they all look like draws? City haven’t been amazing but no Zawada is big for the Nix.

Brisbane should probably beat Perth though.

I’m out so can’t see what’s happening but it looks like MacArthur have gone ahead so I’m banging some schaden and some freude together

Just Davilla running the show again.

Always thought it was shame SFC didn’t try to bring him in when they had the chance.

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imo Victory have over performed and Macarthur have underperformed, so far.

Macarthur can do this if they don’t get dicked by Faghani

Sterjovski just smiling on the bench enjoying watching football… lol.

It appears to be a tie-dye football pitch.

LMAO. Amazingly stupid piece of play from Traore.

Good decision by Faghani to uphold his original decision. Commonsense prevails.

Rare bit of common sense from Feghani there.
There was contact but that was a blatant dive from Fornaroli.


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Bulls deserve that. Completely switched off.

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My week of draws is starting strong.

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So Wellington are playing at Mt Smart today. Interesting.

City already look like Keystone Cops at the back. Welly should be in front.

Lovely goal down the nix

City look a shambles

They’ve looked better this half. And have just won a pen.