ALM Round 6 Discussion, 2023/24. Is it the off-season yet?

Hore and Waddingham are pretty impressive, Brisbane will have a decent team if they can keep them around and build around them.

Hore looked very lively in the flesh in the Cup final. First time I’ve noticed him as a footballer rather than a kid with an unfortunate name. Put him in my fantasy team after that and he’s been paying off handsomely.

I rate Hore in the same way I rated/still rate Parsons, definitely a good player. They have a few good youngsters there like Waddingham and Lofthouse as well.

Andy Harper is unbearable, that one was less of a handball than the obvious one down the other end from that dutch guy with the bad hair transplant ponytail.

Fuck you, Brisbane.
You’re supposed to be better than this.

Offside. Bummer.

Oh fuck off.

I cannot believe a team who’ve only won half their games is top, and one of the cheap AF win we gifted them last weekend.

Saint Teresa on commentary

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Pena nearly broke his own ankle with a shocking challenge

No matter how bad Sydney might get this season, at least we aren’t letting the likes of Ben Garuccio take a direct free kick over the likes of a Daniel Penha. Yikes.

Another “not clear and obvious error” overturned. I’d be furious if I was WU.

The Nix shipping Oli Sail off to Perth and bringing Alex Paulsen through has to be some of the best transfer business this league has seen.


Such a gutsy move, as well. But they probably took one look at Jack Duncan and realised, like the rest of us, that he’s not good enough for this level. At least Paulsen has a lot more room to improve, and he’s absolutely killing it. Even put in the professional Kenny Edwards cramp at the end for good measure.


Saw the highlights from last night. Thats gotta be the worst condition I’ve ever seen Suncorp Stadium since the floods.

Did the Brisbane Broncoes host their Xmas Party on it midweek?

The only thing funnier were Perth fans celebrating the signing like they had signed the Kiwi version of Mat Ryan.

Would have been better off with Vedran.

They had an epic thunderstorm before the game, so it only looked marginally worse than usual.

There was a concert there 2 weeks ago and they’ve had multiple storms since.
There were puddles on the surface less than an hour before the rescheduled kick off last night so the fact that they got the game on deserves credit.

Not only that, but the game was of high quality. The fans who stuck around deserved that.

Excellent comedy defending by AS. Now 1-0 CCM.