ALM Round 6 Discussion, 2023/24. Is it the off-season yet?

Apparently Round 6 starts tonight.
Who forgot to tell the APL we’re already in off-season mode?

I can’t see the game tonight going ahead. There’s an absolute belter of a storm on its way.

Brisbane v WSW Washout
WU v Wellington Welly (0-2)
CCM v AS AS (0-2)
Newcastle v City Draw (1-1)
Macarthur v Adelaide Adelaide (1-3)

I’ll be optimistic on the Brisbane storm front.

Brisbane 1-1 Western Suburbs
WU 0-0 Wellington
Central Coast 1-2 Scum
Newcastle 1-3 City
Macarthur 2-2 Adelaide

Kick off for Brisbane delayed 8:05 due to thunderstorms


The pitch doesn’t look very playable to me. That said, we had a very fun game about a decade ago against Welly at the old SFS. The ball actually spun away from the goal line to save us from conceding!

Was that the game when Puddleinho was MOM?


Supposedly rbb were doing national service tonight.


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How could they, when they spent all their blue collar dollars on the away derby?

Who looks at the fixture list and thinks “yeah, Brisbane on a Friday night!”.

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Presumably, those involved get cosplay ultra points for skipping work/study to travel to the game.

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And 6 days after the derby.
That’s an awful choice of national service even if they did still pull reasonable non-derby crowds.

You reckon it’s doing good to the Fallen One’s pride that his team is better without him?

Great assist and a good finish


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A lofted ball to Marcelo at the far post. Why are teams constantly surprised by this tactic, they do it for every corner.

Gotta love some classic WSW overconfidence

Without Marcelo and Borrello for the next few months I can’t see wanderers winning another game.

This is quite a night so far. Loving it.

If Wests lose a few games they will go from overconfident to capitulation. Happens pretty much every season for them, don’t know what it is.