ALW Squad Speculation 23/24

Time for a new thread

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Looks like there will be quite a few new faces for the season ahead. I wonder if Fiona Worts will start for us up front. She scored 13 from 14 for Adelaide in 2021-22. Didn’t do so well last season, but she could be one to look out for again, now that she’s with us.

Hopefully signing Saveska won’t take minutes off Indiana Dos Santos, who was fantastic at the back end of last season.

Who will be replacing McKenzie in the middle

Hopefully a fit again Taylor Ray.

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Wondering if it’s a formation change this year. 4-2-2-2 a la Corica to fit both Worts and Connors in.

It seems we have a fairly healthy fight for places in the midfield. I feel pretty safe in saying that Johnson, Ray, Dos Santos, Hollman, Saveska can all play in the middle. We also have more than enough quality in the final third. I think we could still play 4-3-3 just fine.

Sounds like a routine 2-0 win over Jets in our first friendly. Taylor Ray (!!!) and Lucy Johnson with the goals.

Vine with a cameo in the AFL grand final pregame video about getting their “lost” match ball to the MCG.

Don’t care for AFL but a bit more exposure for our number 11, also the only person who’s name was actually mentioned in the video

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Macquarie University, new front of shirt sponsor


They need a thousand of those with Vine on the back for next weekend’s opener.


Everyone in our house would buy one.

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Nat Tobin out for the season with a torn ACL

Awful news. She is such an important part of that backline.

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Devastating. She’s right up there with T on our ladies legends list. :sob:


HUGE loss! Interesting to see how Ante manages the squad now. Been a strength of his in recent years, introducing youth to cover.

Fair chance she’ll pull the plug completely, i think :sleepy:

Fuckin boo!

That is shit :cry:

That’s terrible. Half a game in and the seasons gone.