Asian Champions league 22/23

dates have been released if we get through the prelims, the group stage is a window in which we currently have 4 league games scheduled :man_shrugging:

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Just checked on Wiki - apparently we’re playing Kaya F.C.–Iloilo from the Philippines.

When the hell did that get announced? I must have completely missed that.

Apparently we’re hosting that match, which I’m assuming will be held at Kograh, on the 8 March which is a Tuesday night.

So this a qualifying match I’m guessing?

Also the official name of the Philippines league is “the Philippines football league brought to you by Qatar airways”. Not as classy as the Isuzu Ute men’s A League but not bad


Apparently the Philippines league only has 6 teams in it, and the winner gets a direct spot into the Champions League group stage. I know historically, bar WSW and Adelaide United either getting to the final or winning it, Australian clubs have competed poorly in the competition, but that feels like rubbing salt into the wound.

Each team plays each other 5 times. So the next time somebody complains about the A-League being repetitive by having each team play each other thrice, remind them it could be worse.

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No limits on foreigners anymore however 3 + 1 rule now only applies on the pitch, bring back Bujis.

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City’s first group is easier than any we’ve ever had.

Do we know which group we would be drawn in if we get through?

So we’d want to lose the cup so that we get the qualification path through China 4 (presumably at a neutral venue) rather than Japan 3 (in Japan)?

The routes in graphic form. Cant see us getting past Changchun or Vissel Kobe though.

Pathway through the FFA Cup gives us an easier group but the qualification might be harder.


We should be aiming for Yokohama and trying to break them too.

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Yeah that sucks!! All the times we’ve been in this thing and never gotten a draw like that. Fucking City Group!!

Asian Champions League, I remember that.

We won it once in Townsville, I think?


Let’s win the FFA Cup. The group we will get is pretty interesting….if we qualify of course. Have to be a good chance of going thru in second spot

NB This year there are five East groups, with only the top 3 second-placed teams going through

As much as it would be nice to have an ‘easy’ group, its the Champions League. It’s not meant to be easy. It’s the best of the best. Whilst I’m not saying we should be aiming to win it, we should be aiming to qualify from the group stage at a minimum. All A-league clubs should. Otherwise we deserve to play South East Asian minnow clubs in the AFC Cup. The A-league should be good enough for the CL. The issue is a lot of clubs don’t take it seriously enough.

We should be looking to win the FFA Cup regardless of the qualification to continental competitions.

Ah ffs I didn’t realise that. Odds are we will be 1 of the unlucky second place teams haha

This will be next season