Asian Champions League - Preview and Group H Discussion


Thanks. Is it possible for me to move my two posts about the Victory game to that thread? Or do I need to ask an admin to do that?


I think the latter but you’ll be right leaving it there.


Half time in the other group game is 0-0. Shanghai are the home team in that tie.

Ultimately I guess that result would do us no real harm. I do think our best chance may come from Kawasaki romping the group and then we get enough points elsewhere to go through in second place.


I still prefer it stays scoreless.


Shanghai score a 89th minute penalty to beat Kawasaki


You can see the highlights from the other group game here:

It looks like SIPG had finishing as poor as ours.


Nice breeze last night!

I’ll take the 3/4 glass full view.

Only A league team undefeated in ACL!..made enough chances(like HAL).Running 2nd with 5 to go which is very much like the HAL.