Asian Cup QF: Australia vs South Korea

For some reason I thought this was tomorrow morning!

Thankfully I checked the score in the other game and noticed it.

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:peach: :baguette_bread:

I’ve had 18 beers already tonight, so fucking strap in!!!

There has to be some benefit to living in the arsehole of Australia, and a 0100 kickoff is it!


Really sloppy start with the ball. Just turning it over again and again.

Rely on Asian teams to be shit upfront and inshallah

Yeah, Andy and Simon. I’m thrilled “the A-leagues”, AKA an Emirati-owned club, is getting a good loan fee from a Saudi club.

Irvine didnt actually catch him and he goes down screaming. Fair to be fucked off with that one.

That is a criminal miss by Metcalfe

I just dont see whatever it is Arnie does that puts him ahead of other candidates for that role.

That must be tight. Great move though. Very very lucky if it’s off.

What are they going to improve?

Our weakest link is creativity in midfield, where hrustic can’t get a game cos he’s a cunt.

In this squad McGree starts over him for me. Otherwise O’Niell with maybe Irvine playing that role closer to the striker.

Get the fuck in!


Lovely ball from Metcalfe and fantastic from Atkinson if he was intending to pick out Goodwin.

Jesus wept

Fuck me that’s terrible.

Way more composure shown from Behich and Rowles there than the front pair before.

We’re going to give this away. We just keep turning the ball over without getting any rest or finishing chances.

Maybe should have kept that mask for 1 more game there. Ouch.