Auckland Football Club - The Football Kingz are back!

Figured since they’ve now signed a manager in Sir Steve Corica they deserve their own thread.

Given Caceras, Brattan & Grant are off-contract at the end of this season, I can see Corica trying to poach them.

We all know where Retre will head when he finished up in India.

I’m guessing the official name of the club will be announced in the New Year.

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This club is going to be a real test for the depth of quality for New Zealand football. Do they really have enough quality players to field two competitive professional teams?

Surely “Return of the Kingz”?


I’m ready for Corica to sign Rodwell, for him to be magically for for a whole season, and for it to be a big part of them both winning the league.

Do they need to though? Imagine they will start out like WU or Macarthur and mainly be made up of other A League journeymen that are off contract - hopefully mixed in with a bit of young NZ talent that we haven’t seen before.

Or do they have to have a certain amount of NZ players?

I suppose Aussies don’t count in their foreign cap, but the Nix tend not to have more than a couple of Aussies at a time.

Auckland could theoretically sign 10+ Aussies and five other foreigners, but what’s the point of it being a club from New Zealand if that’s the case?

True. But I think to start with they might struggle if they try and put an NZ heavy team together. I think their coach signing is probably an indication of what their approach will be. I actually hope they have mostly NZ players, watching the same players that we’ve all seen before gets a bit boring.

That’s probably likely. Their owner is unlikely to mess around, and will ensure the team is as competitive as possible from the off. It will be interesting to see if they target many of the squaddies at the Nix, though. Ben Old is a decent player and if I was Corica I’d be considering bringing him in as a starter. Wouldn’t be surprised if he goes in for Caceres instead, though.

You would think they are already in contact with Chris Wood’s agent.

I thought they were quite deliberate in also signing Greenacre as assistant.

I’d be very surprised if their first couple of signings didn’t include Sarpreet Singh and Marco Rojas.

Auckland City are on the world stage… they’ll have to compete with that or just plunder their squad after.

I reckon they will go hard for Brian Kaltak as well

I look forward to Suva FC of Fiji being at the CWC if Auckland AL take over Auckland City. Classic.

Haven’t heard anything of a merge or take over. Think Auckland city are happy where they are

From memory they were approached about the position, but turned it down. I don’t think they had the financial clout or investor backing to seriously consider it.

That and they’re happy being a big fish in a small pond. They’re the biggest out of all the NZ Championship clubs, and probably make most of their money from appearing in the Club World Cup every year (even if they get knocked out at the first hurdle every time).

Ka ngaua e ahau o rekereke!

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Supposedly signed McLaren

Thats probably a good get for all parties. Maclaren wanted more at City but seems happy at this level. This move gets him marquee money and Auckland get a big name signing to bolster early recruitment. And City well they now can go in for Mbappe

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Add Rojas and brimmer to the list according to fbtl