Aus Cup QF - Sydney FC vs Western United - 17/09/23

Probably not a bad game to track where we are at as a squad going into the season. Maybe we’ll even have a signing by then?

Big question for me is what we do at CB. I’m just not sure the pairing we had last game is up to this level. Playing a CM out of position might be okay against NPL opposition or early pre season A-League opposition, but I’m not sure it’s the best idea against this Western side that’s got a few more games under its belt than CCM had.

If we’re getting Lacerda, and if he gets here early enough, then I don’t see why he wouldn’t play on Sunday.

I agree that JGR is not good enough at CB, at least right now, to play at ALM level. Central Coast pulled him out of position more than a couple of times, and he had no answer for it. To be fair, it’s not like he picked himself for that position. He was useful against APIA because we were likely to dominate possession and territory, so his distribution there was going to help that along a bit. I really don’t want to see the experiment continue at this stage if Lacerda is available.

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Well, Fabios not playing apparently, giving him time to recover from the Jet lag (from his business class flight), and given the Window closed last night, I doubt Lacarda would play even if he was signed before the deadline.

Sunday is forecast to be 27 and sunny… bring your sunscreen for an afternoon of entertainment on the hill…

I’ll be getting there early and throwing hands in order to get a good grandstand seat I think.

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People here have been screaming for years to ‘play the youth’. And have backed in a number of them who were clearly hopeless.
JGR (apparently? - I did not see the match) - had some troubles against CCM (reigning premiers) in his first competitive game for us at CB. Maybe he just needs a little time to learn the ropes better? He was great vs APIA - yes an NPL side (but champions).
With Rodwell, who played in top EPL teams as well as for England, as his partner, and Wilko signed on for a job which includes developing defenders, perhaps all this is part of a new strategy to develop our youth to higher levels. and build a more self-sustaining football club. it looks like it.

Lacerda looks (by CV) to be well below the standards we normally expect from our imported CBs, and a long way below Tiago Cavano. Will he be any better than Donachie?

An NPL side that had home dirt advantage mind you!


Will the hill even be open …?

Surely that’s not accurate at all. Tiago played eight games for Fortuna Düsseldorf (2. Bundesliga) and 30 games in two seasons for Duisburg (again 2. Bundesliga). Lacerda played reasonably regularly for Ceará in 2021 and 2022 in the Brazilian top tier. If you REALLY want to compare them in just CVs, there is clearly one winner and it is not Tiago.

Of course, we’d have to see how Lacerda actually goes here. I just found the argument of Lacerda having a CV way below Tiago to be strange.


Anyone successfully used the member code to buy tickets for this?

Worked it out. You need to enter the code before you select the tickets, not during checkout

Yeah I just got my members tickets - good to have to sign up to yet another ticketeting company I am never going to engage with again

This is the way.

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Anyone know what time gates open today? Just want to try to get there early enough for a grandstand spot.

Keen for some scorching Sunday arvo football.

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Gates are at 2pm, took a bit of digging to find on the club site.

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In case anyone wondered, its fucking hot out there

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Cove shop today?

First time I’ve slummed it on Public Transpot in a while. I am on a newish 440 with excellent air conditioning.

Tempted to stay on this bus all afternoon tbh.

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