Aus Cup R16 - APIA vs Sydney FC - 30/8/23

The two biggest clubs in Sydney face off!

Obviously APIA is bigger.

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A real David v Goliath battle. We of course are David. Hope the lads bring a sling shot


APIA will struggle with the non italian soil at Leichhardt Oval


Mad keen for this. After work, mid-week football at the 8th wonder of the world. Shame it’s not at the Palace, or the home of football. Perhaps we’re not worthy enough to play on the hallowed (artifical) turf.

Will be good to test ourselves against the might of APIA, the undisputed biggest club in the Galaxy, let alone the world. It’s believed APIA invented the beautiful game, and that as the undisputed biggest club in the world call the shots, not FIFA.

Word has it that the agents of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi enquired about APIA signing them, to play on the luxurious Italian soil in front of 13 retired Italian immigrants in the dilapidated northern stand, but APIA turned them down as they were deemed not good and high profile enough for their lofty standards.

FIFA asked the club to host the final of the Women’s World Cup on their impeccable Italian soil, but were rejected in favour of an U13s gala day.


Poor fuckers will also have a hard time adjusting to something smaller than the World’s Largest Pitch* at Lambert.


A League teams are a dime a dozen for APIA. Be prepared for disappointment. :wink:

Well excited for this

What’s the go for tickets to this?


Adults for $20, pretty reasonable. I’m assuming early arrivers can snag a primo spot in the grandstand.

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Members get a discount, check your mail.


Cross Town Fuckwits

Sydney FC


So we’re playing the NSW NPL1 champions* after playing the AL champions?

*I assume Premiers and Champions is now interchangable in the NPL NSW now that there’s no state finals.

Since we beat the Mariners, and it was their first competitive match since the final, doesn’t that make us unofficial A-League champions?

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Will there be Cevapi?

I just wanna see the kids score again tonight.

Potential storm forecast for this evening, possibly severe. Leichhardt will not cope.

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Came here to post this.

Looks like a lovely day now, but its expected tocrain this afternoon and thunderstorms into the evening.

Yeah. But, you know… Sydney FC…


Seriously… What’s the go with bringing food in? I’ve got paninis to pack.