Australia Cup 2024 - 10 Year Anniversary Edition

Nicely written article, plenty of history and info on this years edition.


Love me some magic of the cup. :slight_smile:

Wow - that has actually gone very quickly. I remember it being introduced and Fox did such a great job with their coverage those first few years. Those alerts to goals elsewhere, as obvious and routine as they are elsewhere, really gave it some extra entertainment.

Interest seems to have dropped off a bit since it left Fox - again, one of footballs biggest points of difference in Australia being underutilized.

I was just thinking that. To me it still feels like it’s been five or so years.

Once we get the two new clubs and the NSD surely it’s time to move to a national round of 64 with the NSD and AL clubs joining at that stage.


Ahh, the Australia “Where we’ll manipulate the draw in the direction we want” Cup

Looking forward to see which Blue Mountains clubs grace themselves with their presence in the preliminaries this year.


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Summerhayes Park, the football heartland of Australia.

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Also, fuck springwood.

At this time the only time an A-League club has been knocked out by a lower-tier club is at NPL1 level I believe. I don’t think anybody has beaten an A-League club lower than NPL1. Especially if it’s some rural bumfuck nowhere club.

I’d love to see some district pub team put a club out. Whilst it would be magical it would be hilarious.

Blueys forever, long live knapsack

This is probably an example of just how big the quality gap is between a-league, NPL1 and NPL2.

To be honest, I watch the A-League and at times I wonder if it’s that much higher than NPL quality.

Outside of the cup I haven’t watched state league in a while, but yeah, there’s a large gap in quality.

Go back to Pitt Town

Fuck Pitt Town. Actually, I don’t think they ever had a team in my age/division.

So, indifferent Pitt Town.

Isn’t that town built on a land fill thou?

Yep, it’s the pits

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Fully believe the final 3 rounds of the cup should replace our finals series.

The football purist in me would like the season to end with an Australian Cup final. The realist in me knows that unless its a Sydney derby or a Big Blue final, there is no way we will ever see a full 40-50k for a cup final. A Grand Final is relatively unique, and the kind of thing that Australian sports fans love. We can’t afford to take that away.

You would also need to move the Australia Cup to a June start for qualifiers. I could see that going down like a lead balloon for all but the A-Leagues clubs.

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Would you have to wait for people to care about the cup first, or force them to have something they don’t really like, rather than the thing they do like?

Actually… that sounds like the kind of thing APL are all about!

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