Australia Cup draw - June 29

Australia Cup draw is tonight at 7:30pm

You can find information on how to watch it here:

The final 32 clubs are also at that link. Who do you want us to draw?

Spirit could be a good one to watch and I’m always up for beating the fascists.

I’m still hanging out for the day that a proper regional team makes it through.

It’s also fun that Monaro made it through. Means that the act representative is from NSW.

It’s now an open draw with no geographical or tiered restrictions.

There are some interesting potential away trips in there. The Darwin based Mindil Aces fc is my preference.

Great to see you can watch all of the 2 hours of the draw on 10+/P+.

Don’t care who we draw. Winning the whole thing should be aim.

Some good match ups tbh.

Following on from other thread I couldn’t find this on P+, shambles of a layout and didn’t come up on search results, gave up and went to 10 Play instead.

DO NOT fucking make me go back to Kogarah. Thx.

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3 ALM v ALM matches.


Hopefully we play it at Leichhardt as we have with some of our other Cup games.

Leichhardt on the 31st of July at 4pm… Sunday afternoon.

Perfect for a few beers on the hill while the boy runs around like a madman on the hill

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Any idea on tickets for this game?

Members go free but have to book a seat. Tickets start at $10. No details on the date for sales.


We will be playing the Mariners with Donachie and O’Toole starting. They should be paying us to come and watch

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Hoping to get a bunch of people together to take to the game so looking forward to being able to sort their tickets out for them.

Pretty keen for this.

Beers on the hill at Leichhardt on a Sunday afternoon. Hopefully the weather is good. If it is good weather I’ll be introducing my two babies to their first experience of soul crushing despair at watching us play.


^^ :+1:

Milos is dead, long live the real Milos!

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Tickets now on sale. Just got the email for how to claim the free ticket as well.

All GA tickets, so $10 to sit anywhere.

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I like that it’s just all GA. Looking forward to it. To be honest I wouldn’t have minded paying $10 but nice of the club to make it free for members.