Australia Cup draw tonight

The draw is on 10 Play and the Football Australia YouTube channel at 7pm tonight.

Who do we want to draw? Obviously giving the fascists a battering is always fun but I feel I’d like to play one of the other teams more. Inter Lions would be fun maybe?

Are there any restrictions on who we can draw? Preferably not another A League team

Wouldn’t mind giving a touch up to Melbourne Knights or Heidelberg. 1 of the “big” state league teams from down there

Are the A-League qualifiers in Darwin next week or the week after?

Festival of sweaty futbol.

Wouldn’t mind APIA, though would they play it at Lambert Park being synthetic?

I think it’s all an open draw now, so anyone.

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I suspect they would play at Leichhardt Oval, given that’s what APIA did when they played Melbourne.

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That’s way too far to stumble to my parents place to pass out after drinking 13 beers!

As usual I hope we are away to a Perth team for a purely selfish wish to see our football team more than once a season.

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Canberra Croatia would be a fun away trip. Seen a few of their games when I’ve been in the ACT over the years. Last game I saw them up against one Kofi Danning!

We’re already doing that this Friday night out at Valentine. :wink:

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Darwin or Tassie away would be ideal, would also be keen for a Perth side. Just something different from the A-League or NSWPL sides we usually get.

Hellenic away please :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

What a rip


Excellent for us, either we get pumped and can ignore the comp, or we beat the champs and get off to a flyer.

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I was going for the Mariners in the last game of football I watched, and now they’re cunts again. Things change fast.


Rigged. Warm balls.

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most boring possible draw, as per normal.


Leichhardt Oval you’d imagine. Weekend game would be great to have, maximise a crowd. Wish wish got someone outside of NSW/Victoria. So dull to play Mariners.