Australia Cup Semi Final -Sydney FC v Melbourne City: 24/09/23

Baby Blue?


i think we have a winner

I’d call it George.

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I cal it Nothing

Fire up, cunts


Very excited to see the new players if they get a run (hopefully off the bench)

I have a weird feeling about this match and I’m not really sure why. We’ve played well in the last three matches but I’ve also not been stunned by anyone we’ve played.

City looked in and out throughout their matches and haven’t really had much A-L challenge yet

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They also played midweek, albeit at home.

I’m still optimistic about this one.

3pm kickoff glad i checked…

Cant see us getting past city

Fuck it, 5-0 win to us and the CFG owners get exiled with Sepp Blatter


Which dumb fuck scheduled this at the same time as one of two F1 Grand Prix in our time zone?


Adamson starting again…just how solid are these rumours of him leaving? We certainly seem to be backing him in.

Lot of talent on that bench too

Absolutely hate the graphic.


Same team as last week with a much stronger bench…

Very excited by this game (which will no doubt be played in front of a crowd of about 2000 people(

What chelannel is on. Looking at the TV guide its not listed

Only on 10play, yeah?

Football isn’t really the kind of sport you can just turn on a tv and find, in Australia…

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Any intel on watching it in Abu Dhabi? We are transiting and could watch the first half before we board… 10Play is only in Oz

Wouldn’t have a clue, sorry. Never been.

Vpn is probably the only option.

Or allegedly