Australia Cup Semi Final -Sydney FC v Melbourne City: 24/09/23

With the offseason having been very quiet for most clubs, a d these two Brazilians now signed, I sense a dangerous amount of optimism creeping in for the upcoming season.

We’ve had a much better Cup run this season than last where we coughed and spluttered our way to the last 8, whereas this time we seem to be, dare I say it, somewhat more cohesive. Granted, we got a bit lucky in Wollongong, but had a good second hald display against APIA, and barely broke into a sweat against the geographically confused Victorians.

City haven’t recruited badly, and they’ll always be able to draw upon quality players, but I don’t think they have necessarily replaced the quality and talent they’ve lost this season.

They’ll still be stinging after the Grand Final loss -nay - demolishment at the hands of the Mariners, and while he’s no slouch its fair to say from what weve seen that Rado Vidosic hasn’t taken City to what Patric Kisnorbo could do.

Cautiously optimistic, but if we get past City, we should win this damn thing.

A lot of optimism in that post.

3-0 loss incoming. We’ve got a terrible record in recent years at AAMI


I don’t see why we wouldn’t play the two new Brazilians, but I wonder how match fit they are. You’d also think if Fabio starts, our style of attacking may change a little bit. We may have someone who can hold up the ball and also win headers, which isn’t the case with our other strikers. So it might be a little more clunky than it has been this pre-season. Even so, I have some optimism we can actually take them.

To be fair we spent last season lobbing high crosses in anyway so if anything we need our style of play to not change at all.


If ever there was a time to finally get back to beating City at AAMI Park, it’s now that they’ve lost the GF, struggled to beat 2 NPL teams in R32 and the QF, and tired coming off an ACL game.

Anyway, I’ll be in Parra watching the NSW Cup Granny between the Bunnies and Bears. Hopefully I won’t be too distracted.

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We may lose but it won’t be to nil

WE just have a terrible record at that place. 11-9-12.

City have been rubbish since Rado took over and they appear to have regressed further if their early performances this season are any indication. Leckie & Nabbout are both out and there’s been wholesale changes made to their squad.
We really should be defeating them comfortably in this game.


Perfectly sums up my optimism around this game.

I am totally prepared for a 3-0 loss and a red card to a key player early in the game however…


So if we beat Melbourne City, and Brisbane beat Knights, who hosts the Grand Final? Us I presume because we’re the earlier game?

If Melbourne Knights beat Brisbane, obviously the game will be at AAMI regardless of the result in our game,

Gonna be lost somewhere in the steppes of Mongolia for two weeks so I’m just gonna assume we win this and the final and come back from holiday as a champion.


Just remembered that City are playing their first game of the Champions League against a Japanese club, albeit at home.

I’m not sure how much of a full strength squad they’re going to be prepared to field for the Cup.

I think the FA decides after the games. No real set system. They might hold it in Brisbane considering they havent had one yet.

It’s whoever comes out of the hat first, unless it’s an npl side


Oh thats right yeah sorry, they started using the draw method last year for the final yeah?

Presumably Brisbane would get the cold ball.

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Anyone know the dates of the final?

Wikipedia editors haven’t put anything incorrect so far in regards to dates.

7th of October apparently.

I’ll be in Melbourne that day. Knights v Sydney final? :grin:

Given we’ve had so many finals meetings with these guys, not to mention argy bargy over City Blue jerseys, has anyone dared to call this the Big Sky Blue before?

Or the Little Blue?