Australian Football Abroad Thread

Cahill will be the WORST manager. Would love to see it. Arrogant and thin skinned, will be hilarious.


There is nothing in his career that would suggest he would make a good manager. And he’s thick as shit.

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But they can change the name of the nearest Texaco to Cahilltek!

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Boyle opened the scoring for Hibs just now.

Jack Ross actually playing him up front and not as a wing back as he was played most of last season.

Got a double now

Also Cahill will forever be assistant material. A good bloke to have around and ramp bloke’s up but holy crap he does not have a 'football mind

I saw hum on match of the day a few times lately and was atrocious. Even worse than the usual terrible jobs for the boys pundit etock6

The Atlanta fan base doesn’t seem very keen on the idea at all.

They’re idots.

They’d never have to go to a boring Texaco again.

Interesting to see how Kewell gets on at Oldham.

He’s their 6th manager in 18 months. He won’t have much time to prove himself it seems.

Kudos to him for sticking with it. I wonder if family reasons are also a factor in him staying over there.

Rogic on the bench for Celtic in their season opener against Jubal’s Accies.
He needs to move on. At this point of his career he needs to play regularly and if he’s not first choice after all this time there then there’s no point in staying.

If Rogic was more consistent and less injury-prone, he’d play regularly. When I went over there last year, they did seem to like Rogic but also could see clearly that they never knew which Rogic was going to come out of the dressing room. Even in the game I went to, he was shocking in the first half, then scored a few minutes after the break.

The physical nature of Scottish football probably doesn’t do him any favours given his fragility either.
Surely his agent could get him a gig in Japan or Korea.

I always thought the same. Japan and Korea makes sense given they’re very technical rather than physical leagues but I’d love to see Rogic in the Bundesliga.

Part of me thinks the fact that he lasted in such a blood and guts league mean he could do better elsewhere. I watch a bit of Scottish football (highlights) and its reputation seems deserved but makes you think he could do well somewhere else. Korea and Japan would be a struggle for him I think - super focused on running and running and running. He would break down - even our Brannerz has made out its tough.

Bailey Wright has signed permanently for Sunderland. Hopefully he makes season 3 of the doco.

Apparently Degenek is moving back to Saudi for Al Ahli. Was reports Spartak Moscow were in for him which would have been better

We should’ve gotten in on that. Red Star is making awesome money selling him to Asia and then signing him for free again.

Al Ahli - hate them.

Forza Al Hilal

All Aaron Mooy goals and assists for Brighton clip. (At least that what it claims) https:(delete this) //