Australian Football Abroad Thread

Back to 5th grade for me.

FC Utrecht apparently

Kyah Simon has joined PSV


Souttar’s Fleetwood went down 4-1 in the home leg of league 1 playoff this morning. Crazy game, 2-1 after 5 mins and 2 Fleetwood red cards. Their keeper was awful all game too.
Hilariously he went be back in L1 next season too if Stoke stay in the bottom 3.

Peter Cklamovskicoaching Shimizu against Mitch Langerak’s Nagoya

Deng also starting at CB for Urawa, totally blanked on him moving there.

Deng started and played the full 90 minutes for Urawa. Mitch Langerak was in goals for Nagoya Grampus.

Adam Taggart scored 2 for Suwon and played the full 90, Terry Antonis sat on the bench the whole game. Brandon O’Neill started and played 56 minutes for Pohang.

Arsenal sign their third Matilda with Lydia Williams joining.

And now Mackenize Arnold to West Ham. This is a big player drain from the W-League

Awer Mabil’s side just won the Danish league. He is his sides top scorer and scored a tidy goal


On Mabil, had an argument with a mate that he thinks they go straight into the champions league or even the very last stage of qualifying. This took me into a dive later on where I found that was only their 3rd title in 20 seasons. For some reason I thought them and Copenhagan just hugely dominated the league each season and would hold all the trophies, and didn’t think it was that big of a deal when really is really actually fucking is.

Biggest congrats to Midtjylland for actually sticking with Mabil after loaning him out a couple times and bringing him back to turn him into a real product for them. This seems to happen so much to young Aussie players in Europe who get dumped straight away after an average loan deal where so many things can go wrong. Probably really shows the fantastoc spirit of Mabil more than anything as well to stick with it.

Here’s to Deng really cementing his place in a league JLeague team as well now. Would be very useful.

Midtjylland probably saw what most of us saw, which was a raw talent in Mabil that would prove very useful once some of the jagged edges were removed from his game.

Player drain from the wleague continues with Jenna McCormick to Real Betis.

Avi Luik to Sevilla. When you look at the last Matilda’s team now not a single one is playing in the W-League

Not necessarily a bad thing in development terms. This golden era of Matildas almost all got into the national squad in their mid- to late teens and have been there since, some for more than a decade. It has been wonderful to have them back in the WLeague but them being at their peak, experienced and match hardened has also blocked a lot of younger players getting time in that short league. There must be so many good young women players just waiting their chance. Many have been training with the Matildas and visiting international players at W League clubs for a couple of seasons so the step up should not be a problem. And the US based players may still come over if the seasons mesh. Renewal time.

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I think the WC, particularly against Italy, was an eye opener that we needed to develop some tactical flexibility and experience at other ways of playing than the “honest” and athletic US style. Seems that either the penny dropped for everyone at the same time, or there was some significant discussion within the team to this regard.


Oh yeah its a great thing to see and they will all be better players for the experience. Its really nice to actually see Australian players getting valued overseas. It’ll be a time of improvement for Australian football and alot of new ideas for the team. The W-League standard will drop but it’ll also create so many more opportunities for young players to come through

I am looking forward to seeing who will step in to fill those gaps in the W-League. It’s not all doom and gloom from my perspective. And as I’ve said many times, the best Matildas need to go over to Europe to continue their development. Now that European clubs are taking women’s football seriously, they’re surely going to reap the benefits.


Its definitely exciting times for the Matildas and women’s football in Australia

Seem a few tweets linking Tim Cahill to the vacant Atlanta United coaching gig.

And Harry Kewell has been linked to the Oldham Athletic