Australian National Team Thread - #ArnieOut!

Football Australia on Youtube.


Tidy finish by Taggart.

Taggart would look great in sky blue

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Certainly gone ok so far

This version of our home kit looks class

I believe we’re enjoying the lack of VaR here


Offside twice there. Is there no VAR tonight?

Good finish lame celebration

Value at Risk?

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Kearyn must’ve had money on Keanu picking up a booking.


That’s a brilliant goal.

Boyle would look great in sky blue

Nicely crafted goal, and with that I am going to bed.

Narrator: “Palestine come back to win 5-4”.

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Barcelona who?

Irankunda scores from the spot. Pretty good eyes from the ref to find the handball.

Pretty clear tbh, surprised none of ours were claiming it. Defender comes out and punches it like a keeper, then goes down like a sack of shit, feigning injury to hide it. :rofl:

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Maybe I’m just too used to the blind bats we have for “referees” in our own league.

No reason why Souttar and Circati shouldn’t be our CB combo from now on. Circati will be in Serie A and probably playing a reasonable amount.

I’m assuming facebook is fdull of arnold hate for not winning 10-0?

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Thought Circati looked decent. Has a nice cross field pass on him & tidy on the ball otherwise. Doesn’t seem to dive in which is great.

Seemed like Palestines best period commenced when Baccus went off and before Devlin came on. We lost our way in midfield in that period. Really not a fan of a Metcalfe & Irvine pairing.

Yengi is a strange one. Finished his goal excellently, pressed well to prompt the turnover for Taggarts, and a nice assist for Boyle, but gave the ball away really poorly at times and still doesn’t seem comfortable to use his strength enough. Hope he keeps improving anyway.

Ref & assistants were pretty poor I thought. Very soft penalty and a goal with two offsides in it… the only particularly good decision was the handball.