Australian National Team Thread - #ArnieOut!

Australia vs Palestine tonight, every time I see Palestine play I will always think back to the 2015 Asian Cup and walking to Turton Road to go and see Japan vs Palestine. Some dude wearing the Palestinian scarf told me I was “against freedom” because I was supporting Japan.


Traditional rivals, Japan and Palestine


Those types of fans are like that because their football interests are limited to the big European club teams or the Euros. They typically support Man City or Real Madrid and expect the Socceroos to play like those teams, and assume that any opponent that the Socceroos come up against that isn’t a big European or South American powerhouse should be a pushover.

I’ve had conversations with people who expect that we should be able to rock up to a country in the Middle East and destroy their national team because they haven’t really heard of them in a footballing context and they have zero understanding of the AFC and what the rankings are. They also don’t take into account how taxing it can be to travel there and then play in hot and humid conditions.

They will just criticise whoever the coach is because it’s not Guus Hiddink who led us through a fairytale World Cup tournament, which is funny because the latest World Cup performance was widely viewed as exceptional given the teams we faced and our rankings. But, you know, we didn’t win it, so….



It’s a flowing body of water. Usually a bit bigger than a creek.


Like the notes in jazz, its the posts you dont write which are as important as the ones you do


Socceroos website says this will be on 10play

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10bold as well according to FotMob.

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Can you follow Hilly everywhere he goes and post that as a reply to everything please?


Strange line up but a good opportunity to blood some players. Keen to see how Circati goes in particular.

Havent we, as a nation, moved beyond the need to play Leckie?

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How about those jazz hands.


Bit harsh

Definitely harsh.

That’s almost as bad as the mariner’s penalty against sydney

Bit soft. Behich made a meal of that.

Trying to watch from Spain, the FA admin has not turned on the stream.

Memories of KeepUp.

How do you watch internationally? Still got an hour before my flight, so might as well catch some beforehand.

If it is above the knee it stops being a sock and has become a stocking.