Australian Women’s National Team Thread - Our best chance at a World Cup


That’s a joke. Surely?!


Is there a difference?


it’s definitely up there


This saga is about to get a lot more interesting. At least one board member is being forced out and at least one senior manager is expected to ‘resign’ over this debacle, not to mention a very significant lawsuit is supposed to be on its way.

Going to fuck this new board six ways from Sunday if it’s even half-true.

Sadly this is really bad for the health of the game in this country.


S Lowy must be just kicking back with a very expensive scotch and huge smile on his face as he watches the FFA world burn


Lots of extremely high profile jobs are listed on job sites for various reasons - not sure what the big outrage is there.


I would imagine they have advertised the job in the public domain for transparency, to prove they cast the net far and wide to get the right person.

Even if the “right person” turns out to be the parochial one.


potentially begun?


A few pretty misleading headlines around for this story with the obvious links to the Matildas story but there is a clear quote citing chemotherapy. “Personal reasons” makes it sound more sinister, like it could be forced leave or punishment for the Stajic sacking or something. Stepping down for health reasons though seems pretty straightforward.


Yeah the story I read about her stepping down this morning didn’t even mention chemotherapy. Pretty poor form.

That said, I do wish somebody would just tell me who to be angry at about this whole clusterfuck


Shes been copping a heap of social media about supposedly being the “brains” behind getting Stajcic sacked. Always seemed bit of sexist smear campaign though


Just like the good old days.


This story just won’t end!


Like a dropped prawn behind the lounge.


Did everyone fill out the well-being survey which was still available this morning open to all on Survey monkey?
Amazing stuff (if it wasn’t just put up recently for the LOLs)


Someone remembered to shut it. :frowning:


Staj has spoken.


gotta say, if that is true, that’s some pretty fucked up shit from the ffa


Would fully agree with this, Staj has been treated appallingly, let us hope there is an inquiry and board members heads properly roll.


I meant that comment in relation to a lot of online stuff saying Reid orchestrated the whole thing and some very unsympathetic comments to her leaving the board due to cancer.

For Stajcic beyond a mess. Utter ridiculousness