Australian Women’s National Team Thread - Our best chance at a World Cup

We’re not going to get anywhere in the World Cup defending like this and being so wasteful at the other end.

Never underestimate the value of having a decent striker in your team.

The midfield is just not good enough. You’ve got a front three that is world class in Kerr, Foord and De Vanna, but there’s no bite or service from Logarzo (out of form), Butt and van Egmond (who remains the most overrated female player on the planet).

KK is wasted at LB. Notwithstanding she’s a banging hottie, looks great with the armband too. But need her and Mini in the middle pronto.

Having an absolute shocker

Well I hope this stops any and all fantasy about us winning the World Cup next year. Chile have shown all the composure and ruthlessness that that we’ve lacked. When we have an off day, we REALLY have an off day. And I think we are a little short on quality compared to some of the top European nations, anyway. I don’t see us even beating Germany, France or England at our best.

Excellent, our women footballers have finally made it.

They’re being death ridden after a poor result!

Congratulations Matildas!


Stajcic out!

Yeah KK and Mini would be my pics to control the guts. They’re less likely to try silly long balls or easy give aways in dangerous positions… EvG seems out of form and touch… Butt I’d keep in there for her work rate.
Back 4 needs to be settled for the best setup. I’m thinking
LB Carpenter
RB Polkinghorne
CB Kennedy & Alleway (although she looks a bit out of sorts as well).

I’ve never ever seen Polkinghorne play RB. Isn’t she a CB and sometimes a LB?

What’s happened to Steph Catley? Is she injured or was she just rested? She’d surely be the first choice at LB. Carpenter RB. Polkinghorne and Kennedy would be good at CB.

Matildas play again tonight, hopefully it’s a better result.

Great looking crowd there.

Great turnout. Love it. Absolutely the least they deserve.

Missed most of the game getting the kids fed and into bed, but they’ve crushed it over the last 15 minutes I’ve seen.

All the talk in the leadup to this match has been rankings point, seedings and the world cup.

Can anyone provide a review of things that is a bit less “the sky is falling” then the reports coming out of Fox Sports?

Has the offical attendance came out yet? The Matildas are flying after that flurry of action in front of an incredible night. 5 years ago, no one would have guessed that a midweek women’s friendly would pack Newcastles stadium.

Is it all that bad being in Pot 2 anyway? The big difference is going from Pot 2 to Pot 3 where you end up playing 2 teams seeded in the top 12. All that dropping to Pot 2 means is you are guaranteed a top 6 opponent. You can’t meet them again until the final so being drawn with USA, France, England or Brazil could actually be an advantage.

Only got to see the first half hour but bloody hell 5-0 is insane.

I imagine it runs the risk of finishing second in a group behind say Brazil then meeting USA in the first knockout round


Foord had an absolute cracker.

I missed game 1. Did she play? What was the difference between the two games, other than the score?

You know what, fuck em. The girls will crush whoever we face at the World Cup.

First half tonight was very similar to the Penrith game, Chile happy to sit deep and spoil, we didn’t create much at all. And I don’t think Staj changed that much at HT, Chile just had a spell where they totally lost shape and we carved them in transition.

At 4-0 they regained shape and tried to limit the damage, held out for another 20 or so, but towards the end it was carnage and our girls could’ve finished with a few more.

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