CCM vs Sydney FC - SF - 2nd Leg - 18/05/24

I’m feeling pretty damn pessimistic about this. Holman out leaves us with an unfortunate gap in the middle of the park so it’s going to all look a bit ramshackle I think. I guess we start Caceres and Brattan in the middle with Burgess taking on the Caceres role? I’d also definitely be starting JK over JCP on the left.

1 nil to us, and Redders to win another shoot out. Lock it in Eddie


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I reckon it’s Cáceres getting the red in this one. VAR, naturally.


Totally agree. Brattans excellent recent form has come about by Hollman finding his feet and doing the grunt work for the skipper.

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JGR to midfield with Brattan, Lacerda into the backline. Max/JK on the wings, Mak up front.

If JGR is just a cork as reported then he could slot in with Brattan and Caceras ahead of them. Imagine Lacerda will start too.
The only question mark is the front three. I’d like to see JCP back at left back where he was at his best. All these absences leave us pretty thin on the bench which is a concern if we manage to force extra time.

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The fact we can’t get a clean sheet is my main worry. We always let in a stupid goal and its frustrating.

Just wish Redders held that shot.


I’m guessing we line up like this:





           Mak       JK 
          Bratten       JGR

King. JCP. Lacerda. Matthews Grant

Can see this.

We’re playing this back 5 to block the lanes when we are counter-attacked. And it’s working.

Just need to keep 11 on the park and we can still do this.


I think we’ll still see Mak up front, I’d say it’s largely an experiment that has worked. It also means we can chuck on a fresh striker late if it comes to it.

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Was looking at this thinking “why the hell would you play Joel King as a number 10?” :rofl:


why no matthews out of interest - imo he is our best CB


Did we start that way on Saturday? The team sheet against Macarthur looked a back 3/5 on paper but wasn’t as JCP was deployed higher. I couldn’t work out WTF we were doing in the first semi before JGR went off.

It was like a 4-2-2-2 at times with JCP playing as a striker up top. Absolutely horrendous, should not have started that way at all.

JGR going off was a god send as we were fucking pants until the formation changed back.

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No, was a back four with a weird midfield mix in front of them. Looked more balanced once Max came on. JCP was playing higher and wide left, Max gave us a similar outlet on the right.

Against MFC it was a different system entirely - a back four, with one or both of the FBs inverting in possession.

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Has there been any update on JGR?

------------- Mak-------------------

Moving JCP to CB is troublesome to me as he has been asked to go further and further forward in the last few weeks.
He can cover the backline and Fabio as a fresh option off the bench… rest of the bench is filled by whoever is fit.

I like this but I’d go with JCP over King.

Then Fabio coming off the bench for Mak later on if we need him/he can play in extra time if needed as Mak won’t go the distance.

we need to pray for a cold rainy night and Mak will last for the whole game