Champions League Draw


To where? Where would he go that would pay him what he’s getting here? He’s just had a kid, why would he forego his guaranteed income for the next 6 months just because we’re not entirely happy.
We could do a mutual termination, but that would mean paying him out anyway.
While Jop hasn’t been what we hoped for, he wasn’t a total disaster either, and his replacements all made some errors which cost us in their first few games in the 11. I get that we should expect more from a Visa player, but he can play at a similar level to our other CBs Wilko excepted, and passes out from the back better, so he could play a role yet when we have the travel and extra fixtures from ACL.


I figured a Dutch or Belgian team might need a CB and he’d want to be close to family again since he’s got a new baby.


That could have been a possibility, depending on whether we were shopping him around or not. Does anyone with any visibility into the club know whether there was any move this way?

Then if he did move on, we’d need to take a similar risk for another player to come in in his stead on similar coin. I’d think SC is happy to let him bide his time. Wilko will need a rest at some point.


Does anyone know if public transport is included in ACL tickets?


It’s not included in the ACL memberships so I doubt it.