Cheerleaders 2018


Barring some major unforseen event, found out I’m moving back to cairns for work today for a minimum 2 years. Love it up there, and there’s worse things to do then get paid good money to float around the reef and the south Pacific.

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Gone from 140kg last July to 98kg as of today.

Probably the fittest I’ve been since forever, I’ve certainly been slimmer/lighter but have never been this strong or fit.



No derby for me today.
Crook again :-1:


Settling on my first home tomorrow… real estate agent’s removalists left a few deep scratches in the floorboards which hopefully gets rectified in the morning. Otherwise we’ll just hold back a small amount until it is fixed.

Annoying, but more relevantly does anyone have any experience with natural gas bbqs vs. bottles? There’s a gas outlet outside but I’ve no idea if it’s better / worse / cheaper / worth the effort


Massive effort, well done


Sorry mate. Hope you’re doing great better.

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Not sure about better or worse, I’ve always just assumed better because you’re in no danger of running out of gas mid barbie because you forgot to check the bottle.

But I’ve been told it’s a definite no no to use a bottle barbie on a wall outlet and vice versa. Different valve sizes or amount of gas flow or something. Can apparently be quite dangerous.


Cheers. Read somewhere about getting a plumber in to set it up properly, guess I’ll just take my time on it


You can only get one or the other. To change between the two, it needs to be done professionally as the lines and end fittings are completely different.

It just depends on what your needs are. Having a gas outlet will always be cheaper as it comes out of our gas bill for the house plus obviously you’ll never run out. It has the disadvantage that you’re stuck on the position no matter what.

Bottles are good as it means portability but more expensive. You can negate the expense slightly if you find a petrol station that does on-the-spot refills, but there isn’t many. Summerhill is the only one that I know of that does.

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Half day at work to play golf in the arvo as a team building exercise. I’m shit at golf but I’m all good with it if I only have to do half a day.


I’ve always been of the belief that team building only occurs when there is booze involved. i.e for you at the 19th. hole.


I’m willing to give it a go


There was plenty out on the golf course. That unfortunately meant that I didn’t have enough water and spent all of yesterday with heat exhaustion.


Car’s in the shop getting a few repairs and the repairer gave us a loaner, a ‘new’ Mitsubishi ASX with about 2000km on the clock.

What a fucking piece of crap, $29k on the road and it’s 99% cheap plastic crap, handles like a shopping trolley and the ‘reversing camera’ looks like a 15 year old cameraphone. It has GPS but no map system and probably the crappiest audio I’ve encountered in 20 years in a car.

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Drove one of those when I was down in Melbourne for a wedding, it’s one of those cars where you feel you’re sitting on, not in it. The only thing good about it is the fact the one I had Android Play so my phone took ever music and map duties.


I’ve never driven a good Mitsubishi. They’ve all been hire cars and all disappointing.


Drove an Outlander when I was in Tassie last year (got an upgrade from a Corolla) and it was not a bad car just way too big for someone who was traveling solo. Granted it did pretty good on gravel and surprisingly easy to get the back out.


GH Sigma was the ants pants.

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Ah, back when cars weren’t made entirely of plastic…


Speaking of Mitsubishis, I saw one of these parked in an undercover car park. I’m a bit of a car nerd but it took me ages to work out what it was (a 1970 Mitsubishi Colt by the way).

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