Cheerleaders 2018

What’s doing it for you right now? A thread of positivity.

So… there’s another new forum? I don’t follow this page as closely as I used to…

Finally managed to put in a solar hot water system! Gotta say happy with the results and clears up shit loads of room in our garden now! Now just to move the aircon and we can completely revamp the garden!

Old one was slow and didn’t have a lot of features. This new one is fit for purpose and lightning fast.

So, now that the new forum has been built, will they come (back)?

It won’t be the same until Arlo gets banned again.


Already seems much better. Great job to all involved.

Two week holiday in the states coming up.

So slight conundrum I’m in at the moment…
We moved to a new apartment recently and our neighbour is a very nice 90+ year old lady. She doesn’t have any immediate family in Sydney, so she’s been very grateful with us offering to help her with the day to day things that become tricky when you’re that old.
She still drives and the other day she smashed her car into the bins so badly that she’s written it off. She’s remembered that were trying to sell one of our cars and is desperate to buy off us.
On the one hand I don’t think she should be on the road, but on the other I don’t want to be the one that denies her independence???

Geez, that’s a tough one. Hard to say you’ve agreed to sell it to someone else already as well if in the next 3 weeks it’s still sitting around… Presumably she’s offered the asking price or close enough to it that you can’t use that trick either.

Sorry mate got nothing more than that.

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Went to my first “sixtieth” last Saturday night, home by 11:00 pm.

Shandies all round?

Booze was home-kegged pale ale and a stout. Food was great & he had a muso doing smooth jazz in an odd shaped St Peters home.
Actually one of the better parties I’ve been to in a good while.

My wife and I have been smoking a jazz cigarette every day on the way home from work since the 17th. Because Canada.

Hai guyz

Hooray the new forum works. Not too sure to keep the underscore in my name or not…

Watching the Australia Tonga league game, three only one I’ve seen this year with a bit of atmosphere, Tonga are super fired up

Anyone know any good overnight hikes near sydney? North era campsite is booked out so the coast walk isn’t an option :frowning:

6 foot track?

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I’ve never done it but Uloola Falls campsite is also in the Royal National Park. Walk in from Heathcote station I think.