Completed it, Mate - The Football Manager 2019 Thread

Official release set for 2 November.

Anyone played the beta yet?

Also I’ve mentioned before but it is worth stating here that I do the Sydney FC stats if anyone has any feedback.

Ninkovic isnt rated high enough.

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Hmm. I might be tempted to end my hiatus of buying new versions of FM. I had a look at the features and it looked kinda interesting. Would be interested to know opinions of FM19 when it comes out. Hopefully it won’t be as random and inexplicable as the last one I bought.

I was going to give FM19 a go on mobile.

Until I saw this screenshot in the App Store:

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Apparently VAR is just as annoying on FM as real life

The way I see it, though, in FM the refs get it wrong occasionally as well. Why not the same with VAR? That happens in real life as well, as much as it shouldn’t.

I remember in my ancient Gaspa (Indonesia) save game I lost an unbeaten league season because the other cunt team failed to return the ball after we kicked the ball out for their injured player. They scored and won 1-0. I was filthy at the end of the season!

Anyone know how to do a position retrain on mobile? Know how to make a target man train as a poacher but cant seem to make a striker train as a winger.

Got a ripper end of season. Took over Wolfsburg. Bought in a lot of young players but some of the senior players were chucking a fit and I literally had 0 squad harmony. After sending all the dissenters to the reserves and selling them some at cut price deals we’ve got 100% harmony.

With two games to go this is the table
3. Dortmund 59 points
4. Bayern Leverkusen +10 53 points
5. Wolfsburg +10 53 points
6. Hertha +9 53 points
7. Hoffenhein -2 53 points
8. Schalke 46 points

Currently only 5th on alphabetical because we’ve score and conceded the same as Bayern Leverkusen.

I’ve got one new striker signing sitting on 22 goals. Our next best are two players on 4.

I went back to my old FM17 save on mobile after baulking at above VAR nonsense, hadn’t played it in over a year.

I’d taken Rayo Vallecano from the Segunda to the Champions League within 4 seasons, but most importantly in the most recent transfer window found I’d apparently already had the sense to fuck off Raul Baena. :+1:

They had Tom Davidson of Sports Interactive talking about the FM 2019 release on the Daily Football Show podcast on Monday if anyone’s interested.

Struggling big time with this version so far…

How is the training stuff? I’m quite keen for that.

That’s the part I’m struggling with/don’t have the patience for… It’s quit complicated tbh.

Played the demo. Fascinated by all the details and very impressed that modules can be delegated so you don’t have to do or know everything right away. It smooths the learning curve a bit and I think its realistic anyway. Not even a manager is going to do everything at a football club, after all. I might just end my hiatus of buying new FM games now.

My first competitive game as Sydney FC coach was at home to Hume City, where I fell foul of pre-season/bad training. Despite not playing a game for 10 days to avoid this very scenario, my players still ended the game at 30-40% condition, blew a two goal lead and lost on penalty kicks. It didn’t matter who I put out there, that was about the best I could do condition-wise. Played lower tempo and more conservatively to try and reduce the impact but just couldn’t hold on at the end. Any tips on controlling these kind of condition issues in, admittedly, a pretty early part of pre-season?

Yeah, sack Anthony Crea as your conditioning coach.


Okay, take two, after somehow managing to put this in the park football thread!!

I bit the bullet and actually bought the 2019 version but it looks so overwhelming that I think I’m going to take my time before getting into the game too deeply, or just take a shitty English team so I won’t have to worry about most of the overwhelming details initially. I know they have tutorials for each of the sections and that’s great, but I am pretty much leaping from FM10 to FM19 (with a small smattering of 2012 in between, but I hated that version) so it’s going to take time for me to adjust to the sheer level of detail the game has now.

I’m still not sure what the new training does but it is one of the best versions of the game in years.

I found it too complicated and stuck to the mobile one

I could be misreading the situation but surely you’d have to train in the appropriate position first. A winger role is possible if a player can play MR, ML, AMR or AML. A striker would need to first be trained in one of those positions, then you could try and re-train them in a winger role? This is a concept I’m going to have to get used to, as well.

EDIT: Oh, on the mobile? I hope they have that detail in there but not holding my breath. My last experience of FM on mobile was about 3 years ago and … it sucked.

I like how it gives you guidance on what their best roles they’re trained for, are as well as their position/s, but on the other hand I also liked figuring out for myself exactly how to get the best out of the players at my disposal. Even for all-conquering teams, that bit of trial and error was quite fun.

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That’s exactly why I continued to play FM10 even up to about a month ago. It was reasonably detailed but it also left it up to you to figure out how to do things. But I wanted to give FM19 a shot. The demo looked really promising, if not perfect.

Team talks in FM10 were a big, big example of balancing complexity with enjoyment and actual control over what you did. It didn’t give you an immediate visual cue to say there’s a positive response to a team talk like in 2012, for example, while you watch your team get flogged 6-0. If you made a bad decision in your team talk in 2010, though, you found out on the field more or less straight away, and you couldn’t do a great deal until the end of the half or unless you made a good substitution. If you made a good team talk and your team came back to win, it’s clear that you helped facilitate those changes, and sometimes even get some credit in the media afterwards for an inspiring half-time team talk. You could check the team talk feedback later, but at the end of the day they were secondary to what actually happened on the pitch. You could figure it out for yourself, but not get drowned in confusing and stupid functionality.

That’s why I believe FM10 its the best version of FM I’ve currently played and I more or less stuck with it for a decade. I will see if FM19 takes over in the same way. It’s about time FM became good again.