Cove Chant Thread

From the Cove Facebook:

This could work pretty well tbh.

Meh, sounds like something they’d sing tbh. And I don’t get why we consistently try out new material in big games when we should just be loud as fuck doing the stuff everyone already knows.

[/curmudgeon mode]

Agree with that. The best time to try new chants is rainy games vs wellington or similar, where it’s mostly just the die hards.

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With 3700 views you would hope that we have enough people learnt it.

There’s a few too many words for something they would sing

So this obviously didn’t take off at all. To be constructive, if it was going to be done at a derby / first home game, it couldn’t have been done at a worse time. Right after half time there is always a lull and it takes a few minutes for things to get going again. A certain spineless cunt had also just slithered down our end and should have been on the receiving end of all our bile at the time.

Stumbled across this on Youtube the other day. It has a good assortment of some of our more well known chants…


It’s a decent channel that one. Always scroll through that channel and ‘football for the fans’ on a boring Tuesday arvo to get excited for weekend life


hi guys , I hope this is the right place for chant ideas. I’ve got a chant idea for alf , i just saw bohemian rhapsody and the scene where queen performs radio Gaga at Wembley is amazing. it’s a bit cheesy and when I sang it to my son he laughed and said don’t embarrass yourself dad anyway… it’s the chorus from radio Gaga - " he scores again he’s( or something else) Adam Le fondre clap clap Adam Le fondre clap clap Adam Le fondre .
I can’t get it out of my head . Cheers and keep up the great work


Found this brilliant clip of the cove singing “Allez Allez Allez” at the pregame march before the SCG derby on Instagram, I contacted the guy who filmed it originally and he let me put it up on youtube.


That’s ace

Le Fondre scoring goals, i love it

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Or even repeat Le Fondre

This is a slightly nit-picky comment but one thing I’ve noticed is that we always sing “rhythm of my heart” on the 24th minute and not the 23rd.

What was the tune for the Siem de Jong song?

Just Daddy Cool, wasn’t it?

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Yeah I thought so, but when I ran it past the Mrs, the response wasn’t overly positive. Probably because my efforts to sing it were pretty diversionary.

Addi either forgets/doesn’t realise / something is still going

Reckon we’re overdue for a Ben Warland is magic, he wears a magic hat chant.

Maybe you’re right, but I’m honestly starting to suspect that he thinks that when the clock hits the 23rd minute mark thats the 23rd minute, even though its actually the 24th minute.